Saturday, 31 August 2013

They're home!

We heard from them at about 1.45pm and soon scuttled off to Cambridge to meet the bus from Southampton for 3.20pm; it was just about on schedule and we didn't have long to wait.  They had had a good journey, and were pleased to see us!

These are some of the photos that the EFG has taken; the YFG has also got a camera full of pictures, but she turned her computer off before I could ask for a few.  Maybe we'll get some of hers tomorrow.

It seems amazing how close the ship got to the land in places, but their ship was one of the smaller ones on the circuit this time - the Royal Caribbean's "Vision of the Seas" kept cropping up in the same ports and totally dwarfed their vessel. 

The whole country looks immaculate - so clean and green!  The EFG remarked on the lack of litter bins, but said that there was no rubbish anywhere at all.

This is possibly the EFG's best shot of the holiday and I absolutely love it!  


Angela said...

That last photo is amazing- very professional!! xx glad they are home safe

Mrs. Mac said...

What an adventure .. and such beautiful countryside photos! Can't wait to see more. Glad you and hubby had a week to yourselves.


Frugal in Bucks said...

Wow, where did they go? Looks lovely. X

Morgan said...

FIB - My dad took them on a cruise round Norway!