Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Saving money on the tv

The dongle didn't work last night, quite frustratingly, but I had a chat with our IT chap today and got some advice, so it is now working on the EFG's laptop, and will be fine for when we go away next weekend, I hope.  I do realise that there might not be a lot of signal in the trees at Kelling Heath, but it will be worth a try.

I've saved £30 today, and I am "well chuffed" as the girls might say.  I took the faulty tv/dvd combo back to Argos, and they refunded me.  I picked up a bigger one from Tesco today, and spent £30 less - and it works [so far!]  We still have to watch a DVD on it to check that part, but so far so good.  Much rather have £30 in our pocket than theirs...UJ and the FH are now watching New Tricks, and I have enjoyed the Great British Bake-off, all the better because I was so disappointed I missed the first one last week.  I know how to make a good bread stick now, anyway.

I have also started to build up another loo roll mountain - our chosen brand, Nouvelle, is usually £5 for a 9 roll pack, and it isn't always available.  It comes on sale occasionally at £3, and that is when I stock up.  I currently have about 8 packs, although I would like to get to 12, as that is about the number that will get us through to the next sale, probably some time in December or January.  I do tend to stock up on things like this - I bought six boxes of washing powder when the 50 wash boxes were on offer for £6, and at current usage patterns, I have a year's supply there, if not a little longer.  I have the room to store things like this, so why not?  My money wouldn't make the returns if I put it in the bank, and the price of the product is not going to be consistent, so I may as well stock up like this where I can.  At least washing powder and loo roll won't go out of date!

Today we went to Papworth, and the FH is very pleased to have been taken off the Warfarin, as well as one of his other heart pills, following the successful cardioversion in June.  We have to go back in November to make sure that the heart has stayed in sinus rhythm.  We had a peaceful evening at UJ's house, eating our supper, knitting and watching tv.  We had a minor drama when the trip switch objected to the extension lead that the FH was using for his CPAP machine, but since UJ is so organised and methodical, I was able to go straight for the torch and sort out the trip switch.  It was a bit dodgy getting down the stairs in the pitch black, but I managed on my bum for safety!

UJ is staying another night so that he is here for the lunch meeting tomorrow which is the regular Wednesday date for the chaps.  They are not going out this week and so I am cooking roast chook, Yorkshire puds, stuffing and loads of veg, followed by rhubarb pie and ice cream, for five.  They will eat at lunchtime, and then I will have time in the afternoon to clear up and get organised again, before I go to the doctor to see about my eye problems.....slightly concerned about that, but hopefully all will be well.

The most exciting event of the day - we had a phone call from the girls this evening!  They are in Olden, about to sail for Geiranger, I think, and they are having a great time, as we knew that they would.  The phone cut out in the middle of the YFG's turn at talking, so that was a little tricky, but it was great to hear from them.  Thanks for all your good wishes, and encouragement, folks!


rabbitquilter said...

See! We blog-readers told you not to worry about the girls!!! But you are a Mum so of course you did/do!!!! Glad you are able to relax for a while. Hope all goes well with your Dr. apt, eyes are precious things! All the best

Angela said...

Sounds like it's all good!

Sue said...

The first programme in the series is still available on BBCiPlayer

see here

Well worth watching :-)

simplesuffolksmallholder said...

Glad the girls are having a good time and that FH is off Warferin- nasty stuff but good if you see what I mean. I hope your eye checks at the docs are not a worrying thing.