Friday, 2 August 2013

Reality is hard - some links

Jack Monroe has a new way on her website for people to donate to support food banks, if we are not able to actually get out to physically donate food - check that out here

Frugal Queen pulls no punches when she writes today about the reality of living the right way to conquer and then avoid debt, and to build up savings.  She is absolutely right in everything she says, and much of what is going wrong in today's society is about the feelings of entitlement that some have towards what are actually luxuries like mobile phones, cars, computers, and expensive television viewing packages.  We all need to make a clear distinction between what is necessary in life, and what are luxuries, and Froogs does that in this post very well - very well worth a read today, as she is everyday.   Thanks for such wise words, Froogs. She has been posting some great recipes lately, too, and we are going to be trying some of the latest out this week, when I sort out the meal plan.

I've been mooching around on the MSE website, and found a wealth of ideas for using tinned potatoes - they range in price, apparently, from 14p a tin to 25p a tin, but they are a great storecupboard standby, and with the price of potatoes bound to rise after a dodgy harvest, probably a wise investment as well.  I will be looking for the best prices in Morrison's and Asda tomorrow when we go shopping and I think I will be investing in a tin or three.  I'm planning to build up my storecupboard in preparation for winter, and to that end, I placed an order with Approved Food yesterday.

Off to bed in a minute - just fell asleep watching a programme about the demise of bees, presented by Bill Turnbull - which I am very miffed about as I really wanted to see it.  I'll have to look for it on the i-player!  This could have really serious implications, so I wanted to learn more about it and find out more about what we could do to help bees, beyond the massive lavender hedge we have planted, which the bees absolutely love.

See you tomorrow - hope you have a great weekend xx

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simplesuffolksmallholder said...

I dont always agree with some of Frugal Queens blogs, but this last on was just right. I looked to see where our nearest Food Bank was and there isn't one locally at all. Poverty either doesn't exist in this part of Suffolk or it is hidden amongst the wealthy secondhome, holiday cottage owners.