Tuesday, 13 August 2013

A quick run round Wimpole Hall

Not taking a lot of photos until we got up to the Home Farm in the afternoon, we sat down under the verandah of the cafe to let the younger ones eat an ice cream.  Turning behind me, I was amazed to find this huge heap of drying firewood!  Quite what they are going to do with it all, I don't know, but it is an impressive heap and I wished I had a heap that big back home!

We went into the dairy and the girls had some fun dressing up the youngest member of our group, a boy, as a milk maid!  He was a terribly good sport and let them put a mob cap and shawl on him, and then they posed him with the butter churner!  Then he dressed up in the more appropriate lad's waistcoat and cap and posed with a milkmaid's yoke.  

We had a wander around the hall before lunch and came out of the garden door, to find ourselves in this beautiful formal garden.

There is so much to look at there that we could easily have spent much longer there, but we had a cake to buy on the way home and a birthday tea to cook and share, so we left after a short tractor ride back from the Farm to the Stable Block at about 4.15pm having been there about five hours.  

It has been a good day, and the YFG, EFG and their friends have enjoyed their day out - I also enjoyed taking them as they were excellent company, got along well and had a good time together.  

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