January Meal plans

This is going to be a use-it-up plan, and will bear in mind our restrictions of time on some days.  It might be repetitive in places too.....you have been warned!

Mondays are mostly meatless, Tuesdays are baked potatoes because of gym, Fridays are something quick and easy also because of gym, and Saturdays are relaxed and easy - soup and toasted sandwiches.  This may occasionally migrate over into a home made pizza, but it would be a very simple cheese and onion pizza, nothing fancy!

1. Gammon, roasties & veg
2. Steak pie, gravy, mash & veg
3. Sausages in onion gravy, mash & veg
4. Corned beef hash and veg
5. Steak, wedges, onions and peas
6. Vegetable risotto
7. Baked potatoes etc
8. Meatballs & spaghetti with sauce (FH @ Lunchclub)
9. Sweet and sour chicken [freeze half] and rice
10. Spag bol [cook early and ding later]
11. Soup & toasted sandwiches
12. Lamb steaks, roasties and veg
13. Veg burger patties, sauce, veg
14. Baked potatoes etc
15. Lasagne portions from freezer (FH @ Lunchclub)
16. Fish in sauce/river cobbler/plaice with mash and veg
17. Sweet and sour chicken [from last week]
18. Soup and toasted sandwiches
19. Steak, onions, wedges and veg
20. Baked spaghetti with mozarella
21. Baked potatoes etc
22. HM Chicken nuggets and veg (FH @ Lunchclub)
23. Meatballs & Spaghetti with sauce
24. Bacon steaks, mash and veg
25. Soup and toasted sandwiches
26. Sausages, mash and beans
27. Pasta and sauce with grated cheese OR one of the pasta recipes from Jack's website
28. Baked potatoes etc
29. Chicken casserole (FH @ Lunchclub)
30. FB pie, mash and veg
31. Cottage pie [make earlier and ding later]

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