Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Appreciating the garden

It is lovely to go shopping and NOT have to buy the veg!  It is much nicer to wander round the garden, picking some courgettes, some beetroot, and some runner beans and then deciding what to do with them for tea.  The fresh smell of runner beans, just sliced, is my smell of August - it is such a clean, refreshing smell that I wonder the powers that be don't make more of it - but then, if they haven't grown their own, they wouldn't know about it.  I am finding that my runner beans are at their best brought straight in, sliced and popped in the fridge in ice cold water until they are needed for supper.  I could go on and on about runner beans - sorry....

The courgettes are pretty good too; it is just a shame that more of the family don't appreciate them the way I do.  I am keeping them under control, and I have nearly all the ingredients I need now to make the courgette pickle that the FH loves so much - I just need some fresh ginger and some tomatoes.

And tomorrow?  Tomorrow is Results Day for the EFG.  What will she have achieved in her AS levels? Whatever she has achieved, we will be very proud of her for all the hard work she has put in, and I am sure that she will go on and work just as hard this coming year.  I'll let you know tomorrow.....I am slightly nervous on her behalf - I just hope for her sake that the marks reflect how hard she has worked.  I've been told I have to wait in the car whilst she goes in for the envelope.


Frantic's Antics said...

Completely agreed about eating off the land and not having to buy veggies- it is GREAT! Good luck in A level results today x

Sue said...

It's weird going round the veg and fruit aisles and saying 'got that' 'got that' over and over until I come across something I actually haven't got growing in the veggie patch .... but very nice :-)

And it won't last long my tomatoes are coming to an end and I have got about another weeks worth of carrots, but it was great for the last couple of months.

Good luck with the exam results for EFG.