February meal plans

Sorry that we are starting part way through the month - we haven't starved so far!

Monday 10th - Spicy samosas
Tues 11th - Lamb's hearts in casserole with gravy, potatoes and green beans
Wed 12th - Baked spaghetti with mozarrella
Thurs 13th - Fish pie
Fri 14th - Sausage casserole and mash
Sat 15th - Steak and wedges with veg
Sun 16th - Pork belly slices with Chinese sauce/Aldi lasagne [YFG]
Mon 17th - Veggie rissotto
Tues 18th - HM Soup and hot cheese sandwiches
Wed 19th - Baked potatoes with filings - beans, cheese etc
Thurs 20th - Something made with chicken breasts...
Fri 21st - Pasta with bacon lardons and a creamy [made from soup?] sauce
Sat 22nd - Roast dinner with turkey joint
Sun 23rd - Leftover concoction with turkey
Mon 24th - Leek and potato soup, hot chocolate pudding
Tues 25th - Baked potatoes with Corned Beef hash topping and veg
Wed 26th - Toad in the Hole etc
Thurs 27th - Turkey stir fry
Fri 28th - Chicken livers, mash and veg [FH and I], pasta [girls]

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