Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Jaunts continue

What a month May has been here!  

I've taken a funeral for a fine man with a gracious and patient widow, and because they were URC members of one of our churches instead of Methodists, I have investigated and used the URC service book for that, which was appreciated. 

I've been on a long train trip to Durham for the day - the things we do for love!  A glorious day in which we walked about 9 miles up and down and round the city, went to a beautiful garden, attended Evensong at the cathedral and just enjoyed being together. 

Durham Cathedral in the glorious sunshine

We've closed our village chapel. The last service was well attended and joyful, and it was the right thing to do.

I've sprained my ankle and had some recovery time for that - good excuse to put my feet up for a couple of days. Still aching occasionally but wearing walking boots most of the time is supporting it and I'm doing everything normally again now.

I've bought a new-to-me car.  I stuck with the Skoda brand but I've got a Yeti this time..... Quite a change for me, and the FH would be turning in his grave if he was in one [still in the sideboard] because he called 4x4s "Chelsea tractors" and thought they were an affectation but I love it!  I appreciate being a bit higher on the road and I love all the features, and just feeling that bit more secure.  

The Yeti took me to Cumbria for the weekend to see my love, and it did very well. It was a joy to drive, but the roadworks on the A1 caused a lot of congestion so I came home through Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Rutland, and Nottinghamshire and did a lovely tour of the Midlands once I left the M6 at Jct 15. 

Pooley Bridge walk on Sunday after chapel at Penrith

A brief excursion over the border to Gretna and Longtown Sunday evening

We went to Ireby Festival on Saturday where Martyn Joseph was playing - it was brilliant to see him live.  They were handing out leaflets for other music festivals and we were given one for a festival in North Wales. I looked at it hard and wondered what had taken my eye, and then I realised it was in Trelawnyd Memorial Hall and I thought immediately of John Gray!

It was a lovely weekend, but the Premier Inn where I stayed was looking a wee bit tired so I might look at an alternative for next time.  There is another one about a mile away......

And the FH's beloved cousin has entered his last days now. His liver cancer has weakened him dramatically, and yesterday he had stopped responding at all when the carers moved him. He came home from hospital last Wednesday.  I shall have a funeral to do in June, I'm certain.  I promised him that I would do it for him, and we have it all planned so that he has peace about that. 

The EFG is home for the summer, and the YFG is beginning the battle with A levels, so lots of hard days ahead for her until the last one at the end of June. 

Much love to you all. 

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Just a wave

Much news but no time!  Will be back soon.......

Have popped in to a couple of your blogs and trying to keep up with some of your news but failing miserably!