Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Super secrets and links

I read this today, a truly heartwarming tale.  Nine Nanas on a mission.  No wonder that their websites seem to have crashed, but how amazing to read such lovely and positive news.

There is also something rather wonderful brewing over at A Holy Experience - a very exciting secret about to be revealed!  The only thing is that Amazon have already listed it and I have pre-ordered - it is due out on the 1st September and I can't wait.  It will be my birthday present to myself...


Lesley said...

What a lovely website "The Holy Experience" is. I think I might have to have a birthday present for myself too!

Lesley x

Morgan said...

It is beautiful, Lesley, and Ann writes so eloquently. I have put a link in my sidebar, so that I can always just pop over there for some inspiration. I also follow the website on Facebook, so that I can "share" the pictures she puts up with inspirational quotes onto the church's facebook page. Her books are well worth reading and it has brought me to a deeper faith.