Thursday, 22 August 2013

Just two sleeps to go

The excitement is building, the cases are getting packed, the ironing is being done, the new items are being lovingly folded, and we have just two sleeps to go until the girls are off.  The time seems to have flown past since the day my Dad asked me if I would let him take them, and I do realise that the week will skip past whilst they are away too, and all too soon they will be home again with lots to tell us, and photos to share.  Can't wait for that!

Have got to take the tv back to Argos tomorrow, I think - we watched a dvd tonight and the sound and vision don't synch together properly when watching a dvd so the words people say don't fit with the movement of their mouths - it gets really annoying.  The tv section is fine, but I can't watch more dvds like this, so we will have to get another one!  Pain in the you-know-where, too, just when I have a lot on.....never mind!

Better get to sleep - early appointment tomorrow x


simplesuffolksmallholder said...

That's so annoying re your TV hope you get it sorted without hassle. I can feel the excitement of your girls from here!

silversewer said...

I hope the girls have a really super time, I am sure they will enjoy every minute.