Saturday, 17 August 2013

R & R today

Being back at the chapel for just after 8 this morning meant quite an early start.  The night shift ladies had mostly gone home for a shower and change of clothes before they gathered again at 10am for breakfast at the cafe so the 8-10am shift was quiet, and the EFG came along with me and did some knitting on a hat she is trying out.  Some were doing the jigsaw, others chatted and we all sat companionably together.  Peace.

I must just tell you about E, who is an amazing lady of 80.  She was at the chapel from 9.30am yesterday morning, until 9.15am this morning, without a break!  She did go home for a quick bath before breakfast, but then she shared with me that she would just have time for a short nap this afternoon as she was going out this evening to a show!  I have no idea what vitamins or pills she might be on, but I think I need some of what she has....

At the earliest count, we seem to have raised around £200 so far, but it may come to more as people hand in their donations.  We definitely have the £75 for the sending of the boxes, and we have plenty left over to buy the bits and pieces, and probably will be able to make a decent donation of the leftover cash to the chapel as we did last year.

Once home from the chapel at about 10.45am, I had a sit down and a chat with the FH, and then I went to the town as the girls had birthday cheques to put in the bank, I had to pick up the tiles for the fireplace that we ordered last week, and I needed a few bits of shopping.

After lunch, I settled down with the FH to watch the athletics from Moscow this afternoon, and actually watched some of it, before I had quite a snooze!  I managed to wake up long enough to cook the supper, but this evening has been another restful one, with me just adding more rows to my scarf knitting for the boxes.  I haven't been terribly active at all today, but I think a quieter day and a more restful one was on the cards.

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simplesuffolksmallholder said...

well done for brilliant fund raising , hope today is a restful day