Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Courgette chutney recipe

At the moment, the whole house smells of vinegar, which is the only downside of making this chutney.  The recipe is here and these are pictures from the last time I made it in 2011, so I am hoping that today's batch is just as successful.

Courgette chutney from 2011

I hadn't got anywhere near enough tomatoes and thought I would have to wait until mine ripened in the greenhouse, but then UJ came over for lunch today and brought me a basket full of them.  I hardly dared to weigh them, but when I did, I found that there was exactly the right amount.  Thanks, UJ!

The Head Coach came over this afternoon, and brought me some more cooking apples, so I may make some more beetroot pickle as well, since that is so well liked too.  But that will be a job for another day....

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Kim @ Him, Him Me said...

Hello Morgan,
That courgette chutney looks good. Please would you put up a link for beetroot pickle.
#i hope your girls enjoy their trip. Although it may seem funny without them, they'll be back with lots of tales to tell.
take care