Sunday, 11 August 2013

Thanks, folks

Thank you for your kind words about Lancelot.  I am sad that he is gone, but I am very thankful for the times we shared with him, the lovely hours I spent watching him and his wives, and the chicks I reared from him. He has lived and been loved, and what more could one ask?

It's been a bit of a day, with one thing and another.  We found him this morning and then had to go to church for an hour, after which we popped him in the boot of my car and went to UJ's house, where we buried him at the top of the garden, near the rhubarb, to the left of one of the big compost heaps, in a quiet space where he won't be disturbed.

Having done that, we picked the EFG up from her friend's house, where she had stayed overnight, and came home via my sister's as she had asked me to pop in for the girls' birthday cards.  This afternoon, we have had some visitors, and popped round to see a neighbour who had visited Cupar on her holidays - she had taken some photos of the old houses in Cupar where we used to live, so we had to look at those.  Bit disappointing on both counts as neither of the houses can now be seen clearly from the road!

I left it too late to cook the beef for supper, so I cooked it anyway and it will now be tomorrow's supper.  Tonight they had a vegetarian spaghetti bake from the free Sainsbug's leaflet about Eating Well for Less which I picked up when we were in there recently.  I had all the ingredients in the house, so it was a matter of a few minutes to get it ready and pop it in the oven [which was already on for the beef].  All of the family said it was nice, so that is another meal to add to the repertoire, although I think I would add more veggies to it in future.

The FH's cousin and his wife appeared at the door just as I was about to serve it, so they came in and had a cup of tea with us; they had come over from Peterborough to bring the girls' birthday cards.  Having the birthdays just 8 days apart makes it quite convenient for everyone to remember!

Tonight we have watched the penultimate "The White Queen" and I am about to go to bed with a good book.

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