Friday, 9 August 2013

Counting my blessings today

My blessings, God's gifts to us, being thankful, whatever you want to call it - things I have noticed today and they have made me happy!

  • The blue-green of the fields of leeks contrasting against the yellow-green of the fields of sugarbeet.
  • A nice little tax refund falling into my account this morning :)
  • A postcard from a friend who is on holiday in Scotland near Cupar.
  • The delicate taste of plaice, steamed in a parcel with lemon juice - delicious!
  • The glistening jars of beetroot chutney on the shelf in the pantry.
  • A cleaner home, because my girls are helping me.
  • Fresh smelling, clean laundry, dried in the breeze today.
  • A new book for whiling away the resting hours.
  • Finishing a woolly hat at the chapel this morning.
  • Sharing talk at the table tonight.
  • Meeting a new neighbour this morning.
  • Eating runner beans fresh from the garden.
  • Remembering to count my blessings and smile :)

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