Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Parcel from Australia

The most interesting parcel arrived this morning addressed to me, from Australia.  On closer examination, it is from Judy, who won a giveaway here some months ago, and she has so kindly sent me some items.

I am unable to email Judy or comment on a blog as she doesn't write one, so I hope you won't mind, Judy, if I make my thanks a little bit public.


As you can see, there is a lovely card from Judy, a postcard of her area, a wee cross stitch kit, some fat quarters, some lacy coasters, and there was also a quilt hanger which I seem to have forgotten to include in the picture...sorry!

I am overwhelmed at Judy having the time and energy to think of sending me such thoughtful items in the midst of her own challenges, and I am very grateful for the time and trouble.  

Thanks, from our side of the world to yours, Judy, and I will be thinking of you often xxx


Judy Y said...

Hi Morgan,

I'm so delighted that the parcel arrived after I finally got around to sending it! I hope it was a lovely little surprise for you :)

Thanks for your good wishes, coping well at the moment after my first treatment last week!

Judy xx

saving for travel said...

Oh Judy, it's just like you to be thinking of others.

Enjoy your lovely package Morgan!

Sft x