Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Aches and pains

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The FH has had back pain for a couple of days, so now that we are home again from Papworth, I tried to make an appointment at the doctor's for some acupuncture this morning, but the appointments for today had all gone; he'll have the needles stuck in him tomorrow instead.  I think it is a muscular thing, rather than discs, but we'll see what the nurse practitioner says in the morning.

I've also been for my appointment about my eyes, and have come away with appointments for next Thursday to have blood taken and then the following week to see the doctor again to discuss the results and what next.  
We had the FH's mates here for lunch along with UJ, who stayed over another night.  I cooked them roast chook, lots of veggies and roast potatoes, followed by rhubarb pie and ice cream.  That kept them busy for well over an hour, and then they sat in the garden chatting for most of the rest of the afternoon!  UJ had to go home at about 3pm, and one of the chaps was picked up by his wife about the same time, and then the FH hobbled along the street and walked the oldest one of the gang home, not too far, thank goodness.  I think the exercise is good for him.

I have realised that life without the girls will be interesting in the future.  Whilst we are missing them, we are also appreciating the peace and quiet, the empty laundry hamper, the lack of possessions and especially shoes lying around everywhere, and the reduction in the need to be doing things for other people most of the time.  With the FH and his back pain, we are able to do just what we want to do, and if we don't/he doesn't feel like going anywhere, we have the choice not to!  Life seems a little slower....We were going to go to a car boot sale/village market tomorrow just over the border in Norfolk, but we may leave that this week now.

I shall look upon this week as one in which my eyes were opened to the possibilities of the future.  We are in a stage of our lives right now where the girls need our support and encouragement as well as our care, but the time will come when they will fledge and fly from the nest, I hope with confidence, and we need to consider our lives in the future, which will be somewhat different.  That's for sure!

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