Thursday, 1 August 2013

August Challenge

Inspired by Elaine at MFin3, I have begun a big decluttering project.  Yesterday, I removed 100 items from the house, and I was rather chuffed with that.  They were such a mixture of items and most of it went to a local charity shop in town:

  • unused bedlinen which has been stored in the drawers under my bed for at least 5 years and never used - lots of it!
  • clothes that the YFG has grown out of, including some school uniform shirts
  • clothes that I haven't worn for years
  • clothes I have bought in the hope of fitting in to one day [a dress and a pair of jeans]
  • books we don't want any longer
  • a pair of trainers I hate and never wore
  • ballet shoes - the schedule changed and the YFG doesn't do ballet any longer.
  • the tv and dvd player which were casualties of the lightning - these went to the recycling centre

    All that moving-on was very therapeutic and it has cleared out lots of space. I'll be honest about things, though, in that I was given about 20 books relevant to my F&W studies at the weekend, and I bought the YFG a small new storage unit for her room, in the hope of some of her stuff being placed on it rather than the floor.  I need to find space for those books....

    So the challenge for the month of August is to continue in this vein.  I want to aim to move on 100 items each week.  I may be struggling by the end of the month to find 100 items to move on, but this first week or two will be a doddle.  It will be a case of deciding what to do with the items - some may be worth eBaying, or car booting, and others may just get booted straight into the bin, with the rest going to an assortment of charity shops we have in the area.


    Judy Y said...

    Wow, that's fantastic, 100 items already, well done!

    SarahElisabeth Jones said...

    I ought to do this too.

    Ciao said...

    Hi Morgan, I started earlier in the week and took a load of stuff to the local SVP charity shop and got rid of empty plastics into the recycling bin. Our spare single bed has got loads of stuff underneath it, dont know whats there so it may as well go the journey.
    Its very hot again today been food shopping B&M and Aldi most of the family are coming tomorrow so had better cook the chicken now so it will carve easier cold (not to mention stretch further).
    Had to make loads of phone calls to Drs and hospital as the letter they have sent OH says he's on a certain tablet and he isnt so waiting for a call back from the registrar, hoping you have a peaceful week-end xxxxx