Sunday, 4 August 2013

Weekend treats

Treats come in various guises, and last night, I cooked a special casserole which we love but I don't cook too often - chicken legs with bacon in a vegetable stock with some veggies chucked in for good measure.  It was delicious, but the chicken wasn't "cheep" and so it was a treat.  Tonight we have gone back to the more economical gastronomical delights and they have had macaroni cheese with peas and just one slice of bacon through it for a touch of flavour.  I have had a portion of home-made ready-meal mince from the freezer which I made earlier in the week - half a pound of mince, padded out with lots of veggies, including courgettes!  I then froze it in six portion pots, so I fetched one out tonight and served it on some rice for my supper, not being able to eat either the macaroni or the cheese that the others enjoyed.

My other big treat of the day was sitting in a chair outside and reading a book with my feet up.  I was babysitting the washing machine and hanging up loads of washing in the verandah as they finished in the machine, but it still gave me about three hours of sitting and relaxing - that is what holidays are all about, surely!  I shall have a "to do" list for tomorrow as long as my arm, so I thought I would indeed have a day of rest today.  I am off to watch "The White Queen" in a minute with a cup of tea and my knitting: I have one last hat to finish for the Operation Christmas Child boxes.

I do hope that you have enjoyed your weekend, and had some rest, ready for the busy-ness of the week ahead xx


simplesuffolksmallholder said...

Babysitting the washing machine! I shall have to remember that!

Morgan said...

Well, I have a tendency to forget that I have put it on, and then the stuff gets left too long, so I thought I would sit just outside the back door with my book and then I would hear each time it finished the cycle!