Sunday, 25 August 2013

My Simple Sunday

Chapel went OK this morning, as we had a visiting preacher who was really good and got everyone involved.  The tensions are still there, but they didn't surface much today, for which I was thankful.  They still need addressing but not by me, and not today.

I was spoiled today in that the FH cooked the lunch for us, and he was hungry after chapel so we were eating by 12.15pm, but that meant I had time to relax and read a book until 2pm, when I put on my old clothes and spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning out the chooks.  It is a big job, and I just managed to get showered afterwards in time for Songs of Praise at 5pm.  We watched a lovely wildlife programme after that, called Britain's Wildlife Revival, I think, and then I made us some tea.  This evening, we have been watching Vera, which I love, although I do find their portrayal of the Northumberland countryside rather bleak - they must film in the autumn or winter, I reckon, as Vera is always well clad in her winter coat and scarf, and it looks very uninviting.  They also seem to choose a lot of remote houses for the suspects to inhabit.  Whilst I have been relaxing watching the tv, my hands have not been idle and I have finished another hat, but this one's for ME!  I wanted to make one in the same yarn as the scarf I made myself, which is what I have done. Now I will match in the winter.

And the girls.  Well, I am sure that they are having a fab-u-lous [Strictly is back soon!] time on the ship, but the FH is driving me mad asking if there is anything on the computer from them - have they sent any emails, have they been on Facebook?  No, they are too busy enjoying themselves, as it should be!  But it is nice to know he is thinking about them, as am I, but I will be glad, for his sake, if they do email at least once later in the week.  They should dock in Stavanger in the morning, and have some time there.

The Bank Holiday is beckoning tomorrow - I am visiting a friend in the morning, the FH is going to the bees in the afternoon, and then we are off to UJ's house in the evening in preparation for an early appointment at Papworth on Tuesday morning.  I will be sorting out a bed for UJ here and doing some general tidying up before we go, including a heap of ironing!  What's the betting it will rain at some point?  Wouldn't be a British bank holiday if it didn't, although I think the forecast is generally fine for the week ahead.

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