Before I'm 45 perhaps

Turning 40 later this month in September has been a hurdle or a milestone which I have looked forward to for some time.  I wanted to make a list of 40 things I wanted to "do" before I was 40, but they were more things that I wanted to achieve, I think.  I wrote them out as a list in May 2011, and I found that list again recently.  Most of them haven't happened, so I'm going to give myself a bit longer to work through them.
You will probably notice that these things are about me, or about goals I have for our house and garden.  They aren't goals for the FH or the girls - there is no sense in having goals on behalf of other people, as they have to do their own.

  1. Establish a sustainable exercise plan of 5 x 30 minutes a week.  Maintain it.
  2. Comfortably fit into size 12 clothes again, and dispose of the rest. [I have managed to get down to a 16 so far, and will continue to work on this one!]{Feb 16, I am back at an 18 so heading in the wrong direction}
  3. Have £X in the bank, or more. [This fluctuates with the expenses, but with buying the two cars this year, it hasn't quite happened.  I am very close, though, so I think that this goal can be revised later in the year.]
  4. Finish Faith and Worship.
  5. Totally declutter and streamline the house.
  6. Get all the Usborne stock in the garage sold off.  [Feb 16 the school is revamping the library provision for the children so I am looking forward to making a sizeable donation of books to that.....]
  7. Make proper paths round the veg beds.
  8. Find my wedding ring.  Found it Feb 2013
  9. Start a pension fund.
  10. Establish an online business with/for the girls.
  11. Learn to crochet. Achieved June 2013
  12. Establish permanent crops in some of the beds [done - raspberry canes, and strawberry plants.  May add gooseberry and blueberry bushes in 2015] and have more at the side of the house.
  13. Water conservation - need more butts.
  14. Get a wormery, use it and look after it.
  15. A laundry cupboard somewhere to store bed linen. Established cupboard, now need to use it properly! 
  16. Stray washing machines mended or gone. [One gone, one to go]
  17. Establish and practise efficient housework routines
  18. Maintaining a careful budget [ongoing]
  19. Go to a school reunion....[perhaps come October]
  20. Contact AB and CH. [Phoned AB not that long ago]
  21. Print out all blog posts as a diary
  22. Produce an e-book
  23. Learn how to make a pdf. file
  24. Get 100 favourite photos printed off
  25. Take my On Trial service [DONE]
  26. Develop all usable space in the garden - including behind the oil tank.
  27. Visit KC in Essex.  Contact BJW. [Long conversation on phone with BJW a few Saturdays ago]
  28. Visit Mum's grave.
  29. Finish family tree [can that ever be "finished"?]
  30. Be able to do the gym warm up INCLUDING the conditioning [I can do the warm up but not the conditioning]
  31. Have one no-pc day a week [You are having a laugh!]
  32. Cook something from each recipe book and cull some of them
  33. Have an MOT at the doctor's  Over 40 Healthcheck 25th Feb 13
  34. Sort out my eating
  35. New shower enclosure - not needed now that the FH has died [July 14] but the grouting does need renovation so we'll keep the shower on the list for now.
  36. Have at least 4 nights away twice a year [Have had 7 nights so far this year - might manage more...] [In 2014 I have had a couple of nights in Aberdeen with the EFG in March, but otherwise the FH's health prevented us from going too far from home, thus a "proper" holiday was not planned.  The girls have had a week cruising to Norway with Grandad, and the YFG and I MIGHT get away to Aberdeen in October...we might not!]
  37. Collect at least 100 followers on the blog.
  38. Start a chapel prayer group - I'm trying with this one but no one else seems to want to join in.....
  39. Watch the boxed sets of Lark Rise to Candleford
  40. Find well laying strains of Brown Sussex and Barred Plymouth Rock for Brussbar breeding [That may not happen now and have to think of alternative to that.]  Poultry keeping is winding back a little now and I no longer have Lancelot, the Brown Sussex cockerel, so this plan has finished.  The Gold Partridge Orpingtons are the only heritage breed I keep now - but they are gorgeous!  As of April 2015, all the chickens are gone......slightly sad, but I know that there will be chooks in my life again in the future.  For now, it was the right choice to make.

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Emma said...

A great list of to do's :) Some I need to add to my list(the house type ones most definitely! Thank you for sharing it and inspiring me to add one to my blog.