Saturday, 25 October 2014

Free money

I had a sort out and a filing session in the office last night. It was therapeutic, and whilst I did it, I  chatted with my dad for half an hour, and with the EFG.  She was telling me about lecturers and fun at uni!

The sorting has prompted me to have a look at the vouchers and points I have been accumulating over the year.  

I have already cashed out £60 in Amazon vouchers from Shop'n'Scan but I have got another £20 in there ready to be pulled out when I want it.

(image from

I have been sent a voucher code for £9 from the old Amazon card that I had which has been converted into a MBNA card.  

(image from

I have about £17 on my Nectar card too.  That other supermarket is also about to send out some more vouchers, but I still have £26.50 unspent in older vouchers.  


All in all, I reckon I have got just over £70 in free money which I have acquired through my shopping, scanning the shopping, and buying what we need.  This will come in very handy for that big "expensive" event we have coming up in December.  I have begun to nag the girls for some clues as to what they would like........

Friday, 24 October 2014

Mystery solved

My stepson's whereabouts have come to light!  His girlfriend went to his flat last night to feed his animals, and found his phone there, so that explains why he wasn't answering it.

She managed to get hold of the solicitor at lunch time, and found out that my stepson was sent to prison yesterday for a two year sentence.  Why on earth the solicitor didn't let her know that yesterday, we don't know.  That was very frustrating and she said that he didn't seem very interested.  She is going to call the prison and find out what the visiting arrangements are.  We think he is in a local prison, so not far to travel, as long as they keep him there.

She understands that he may have to serve half of this sentence.  But she has a lot of things to sort out with the flat, and all his possessions may have to be moved out of the flat, as it is a housing association property and the rent will not get paid whilst he is in the prison.  I will help her as much as I can.

Day out yesterday

Yesterday, after doing some work in the morning, I set off on a spree!  And what a good day it was too, in that respect.  I travelled from the flat prairie-like land of the Fens, to the altogether more attractive Stamford, town of the famous "George Inn" and beautiful stone houses - almost something from a television historical drama.  It is a lovely town.

I met up with Sweet Blondie Blue Eyes and her husband at Morrison's for a cup of tea, and had a wonderful hour with them.  I have been in touch with SBBE for a few years now and purchased some of her sewing before, as well as asking her to custom-make me some bean bags for gymnastics.  It was the first time we had met in person, though.

We had been planning to meet in June when the FH had an appointment at Stamford hospital for the palliative care doctor, but we had to cancel that as it was one of the days he was admitted to the hospital in a hurry.  It was good to meet at last, albeit a bit sad because the FH didn't make it to meet them too.  I did take them an order of service from the funeral as they had been planning to come to the funeral when SBBE's husband was taken ill himself that day.

Chatting, munching, reminiscing, the hour or so soon passed and we were on our separate paths home again - but I do hope to do it again one day!  I was glad that I had some photos of the girls on my phone that I could share with them, and of course, they didn't know what I looked like - but SBBE helpfully told me she would be wearing a red hat and coat and would wait by the front door so I recognised her immediately.

It was brilliant to have a bit of an away-day from everything and just to be me!  I enjoy driving so the 40 mile trip was a pleasure and the weather today made the scenery over that way all the more attractive.  I am ashamed to say that there is one less pheasant on the roads today, though, as it just didn't move and I couldn't swerve as there was a car coming the other way.

Back to the grindstone when I got home again last night, spending another 90 minutes on the phone making the calls that are my new job.

Thursday, 23 October 2014


No news might not be good news tonight.  We don't know where my stepson is........please keep praying.  

His girlfriend has not heard from him, nor from his solicitor.

His phone rings out, but no one answers it.  Texts get no response either.

The list of cases dealt with in the court today does not include his.

There seem to be so many scenarios tonight, and we just have to pray and leave it in God's hands for tonight.  I hope in a way that he IS in custody because then he will be "safe" but I also know that there is a chance that the case may have been postponed because other cases may have over run - and he may be sleeping rough somewhere tonight because leaving his girlfriend was so upsetting for him this morning that I doubt he could face going through it again tomorrow if he went home tonight.

Not knowing is the worst thing.  His girlfriend and I both now wish we had gone to the court with him, but he didn't want us to, so we didn't.  I think she will try to contact the solicitor tomorrow and I shall be watching the court page on the internet like a hawk.  

Body Shop Sale

Vee has just left a comment to say that the Body Shop website has a sale on, and that you can get a FURTHER 40% off with the voucher code "EXTRA" at the checkout.  

As she says, might be worth a look if you like their products, or need to buy Christmas presents for those who do.  However, this sale ENDS TONIGHT - so head over there now!!

(image from

Thank you very much, Vee!

Aldi voucher today

This web page suggests that there might be a voucher in the Daily Mirror [or the Record in Scotland] for £5 off when you spend £40 in Aldi.  It is also on their Facebook page, underneath a pinned post at the top of the page, so not easily noticeable!  I shall be getting a newspaper today.

Tough day ahead

A few prayers wouldn't go amiss.  

My stepson may be in prison by bedtime.  He may not.  Hard to wait for news. 

I am also off out later on a trip which has long been postponed, so I am hoping that goes well too! 

Not too much to say this morning, but I will be back later with news, I hope.