Friday, 19 December 2014

That Friday feeling!

The Friday feeling is well and truly here!  The EFG has arrived, the YFG has broken up from school, and I have two days off work, and then only two more to go before Christmas......we're feeling relaxed!

The EFG and YFG have been experimenting with hair dye tonight and the EFG now has lighter ends to her hair - called the ombre effect, I am told - and there was a lot of giggling going on in the bathroom for some time.  I think that they are enjoying being back together again :)

Some I knitted earlier...

Tomorrow I am going to take some of the knitted hats to a charity shop for a group who are going to run a free dinner event on Christmas Day for the homeless and those generally in need - they want warm clothing, hats and gloves to give to those attending.  With the agreement of my fellow knitters, I am donating 20 of the hats from the knitting we have been doing to this wonderful cause.  I hope that they get some use out of them.  

I'll also be doing my Aldi shopping tomorrow, and I have been writing a list of all the items I would like to get for the next two weeks as I really do not want to have to shop till January now.  I've got a list of the items that the local food banks can use, and if we cannot quite hit the £75 target to benefit from the £15 voucher, I shall add some items to the trolley for them.  We all win that way around. I do expect to get close to £60 or so anyway as we have company coming on Boxing Day so I intend to buy a few extra wee treats, as I am not spending my holiday in the kitchen all the time! 

I hope you are all having a good weekend with those you love.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Good news

Despite delays and consequently missing a train, she's is HOME.  Better late that never, and all that, and I don't mind that I had to go and fetch her from another station - she's here and I have hugged her.
Off to bed now xx

Kind of sad this morning

I've been thinking a lot about those children in Peshawar, and their mothers in particular.  At this time, when I am so looking forward to having the EFG home tonight, I can't help thinking of all those mothers who will never have their children home again after that.  There aren't words for their pain, I am sure.  Just tears.  

I am going into school here this morning, and the children will be having their Christmas lunch today. Makes me think.  

Take care of you and yours this Christmas, and be grateful. Spare a thought for them x

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Half way to the weekend

Well, almost halfway!  This week has dragged already as we are looking forward to the EFG  coming home TOMORROW - I love that!  She has been away for all those long weeks, and she will be HERE tomorrow evening - can't wait!  She's got her last exam this afternoon, and she'll be boarding one of these beauties around 2pm on Thursday.

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Work has had a bit of a lift in that I haven't had any miserable customers ranting at me this week, yet!  I have taken on board what you all said about people being tired and worn out and worried at this time of year, and I know that they are not being personal in their comments, that their anger or distress is aimed at the particular dealership I am calling about.  I know these things, and I am working hard at not taking offence.

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The holiday calendar opens for me on 6th January when I can request my holiday times for 2015, and I am definitely going to request the three days before the company closes down for Christmas next year so that I get two weeks off - more time with the girls and a little more time to wind down and prepare.........I'm thinking ahead!

And I have another Sainsbury's order coming tonight.  The car is in the garage today getting serviced, and I knew that the fresh fruit and veg and fridge supplies were getting low, so I booked another £1 slot and the stocks are coming tonight.  I was disappointed that the voucher for £6 off when I spent £40 which came with the receipt for the last delivery was not usable online, so I rang up to complain - after all, why send out a store-only coupon to someone who has had an online delivery made? It didn't make a lot of sense, and it had today's date on it too, so limited time for me to get to a store.  I rang customer services to moan about it, and the good chap there took care of the order and gave me £6 off the bill, which pleased me no end!  Just goes to show what you can achieve by giving a company your opinion.

I have also ordered another Calor gas bottle to be delivered today.  The company I ordered it from are holding their prices from last July [2013!] and so it is costing me just £52.30 delivered for a 47kg bottle, whereas the local garage where I used to get it is still charging £75 for the bottle and £5 to deliver!  Whoops - I think they are possibly losing some business.

So some dosh is being released from captivity today - but not in an uncontrolled manner.  Spending is thought out, measured and considered, as usual.  I can't have an empty fridge when I know that there will be three of us to feed for a month, and we definitely don't want to run out of gas when we are steaming our veg on Christmas day!

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Just not right

The news coming in this morning that the Taliban have attacked a school in Peshawar and killed children and teachers there is just appalling.  There just aren't words to describe how appalling.  What is the world coming to? Earlier this week it was a lone gunman taking hostages in Australia, and now this.  So sad.

Monday, 15 December 2014

And so that was Monday...

It kind of passed me by. 

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I was at school all morning for a budgeting review, then came home, ate some lunch and worked. 

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The YFG came home, her friend came round to play with her on the Wii, and they had some snacks. I worked again and then I had to cook my tea.  

(image from
We've started watching House on Netflix. Could take a while!

We have watched some tv together, chatted a little, argued just a little too, had a chat with the EFG, and I have to iron a shirt and go to bed........let's hope Tuesday is a little more inspiring!

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Good news - not one penny escaped from the purse today though!

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Light in the darkness

Today's Gospel reading at the church was about John the Baptist who came "to testify to the Light" and it got me thinking about these dark days.

The colour palette of the Fens at this time of year is very muted - the fields are green, where the winter wheat is coming through like grass on the great acreages, the sky is often grey and over cast and the skies are so huge here that that takes up most of the scene!  Then there is brown - the hedgerows, the mud on the roads and splattered on the verges and all over our cars...we have a lot of brown at this time of year.

We have another week to go before we achieve the shortest day and then the days slowly begin to lengthen again - and how we look forward to the lighter nights and brighter days.  The mood at this time of year can also be quite dark, as people struggle with lack. Lack of light makes people sad; lack of money affects lots of us in all kinds of ways; lack of family and friends around us makes us feel lonely. Any lack of any kind can really have an impact on the way we feel and then on the way we treat others.

Is it any wonder that we light up our homes with sparkly lights at this time of year as we look for some brightness in this dull world?  The truth is that we need the Light that is Jesus Christ all year round.  

Linking today with Ang at Tracing Rainbows for the Pause in Advent series.

I'm hosting the "Pause In Advent" here - continuing the tradition started by Floss
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