Friday, 30 January 2015

Good day

What a good day we had yesterday, despite a couple of snow flurries!

The YFG managed the day at school with the successful administration of the antibiotics by the Medical Room ladies.  She was glad to get back into the swing of it and had plenty of welcoming hugs from her friends.  

I managed 5 and a half hours on the phone yesterday! My eyes felt like they were on stalks by the end, though, despite me wearing my reading glasses diligently.  I spoke to some lovely people, including one lady who wanted to make her appointment to have her vehicle serviced but was in the bath so didn't have her diary to hand - thank goodness she wasn't on the loo!!  Doing the extra hours is a step towards regaining the time I had off unpaid whilst the YFG was in the hospital.

I nipped into the shop which is closing down and bought some bargains as I had hoped - half price posh shampoo which I wouldn't buy at full price but which at half price is good value, some odd items of food which were also around half the recommended price as well, and I managed to avoid the temptation of the sweets and boxes of chocolates too!  I was also pleased to find some wrapped soap which is ideal for the Operation Christmas Child boxes - my sister donated some six-packs of Knights Castile which I am going to be using for the rest of my life as I can't send it since the individual bars are not wrapped. I am buying wrapped soap and using up the donated stuff.......

We also had a good relaxing time in the evening, eating our supper and watching some tv together by the fire.  The fire is both a comfort and a joy - and I have ordered a load of wood to be delivered at the weekend: it will need to dry out for next winter, but it is a sound investment.  I am a big fan of the woodburner and will always recommend them to people.

We had a few flurries of snow in the Fens yesterday and some bitterly cold winds, but nothing compared to what some areas are experiencing - and certainly no earthquakes either!  Stay safe and warm, folks xxx

Thursday, 29 January 2015

A generous heart

Just noticed on the BBC website that the adventuring elderly chap who sparked controversy last year when he "escaped" from his care home to go to the D-Day commemorations has died. He and his wife have donated their considerable estate to the RNLI - a donation of around £600,000. What a legacy for the RNLI!  Bernard Jordan seems to have lived life to the full - what an inspiration.

Bernard Jordan
(image from

Moving forward

Fingers crossed that the YFG makes it to school today - she is hoping that she will feel up to it and cope with the day, but it is a day of ICT and Textiles, I believe, so nothing too strenuous to kick off her return.  I have to take her in this morning and sign some paperwork so that the Medical Room staff can administer her antibiotics during the day in order to keep to her regime of taking them.

And for me? I am hoping to get a little overtime done today at work so that I can catch up a couple of the hours I missed whilst she was in hospital.  My files have got a little behind so I am able to catch them up as well as catch up on the time I had to have off unpaid.

I have had quite a few no-spend days this week, but I had to give UJ £7.50 yesterday for some seed potatoes he bought for me, so that was just a little spend.  And today I may spend some too as there is a shop closing down not too far from us where I have heard that they are making crazy reductions to clear the stock - so I am going to see what bargains are to be had there.....on my own so that I focus on what we will actually use and not what might be a tasty treat!

Let's all hope that the YFG has a good day!  I have also seen that the weather is getting a little wild again - we had a fence panel come loose yesterday so we have some repair work to get organised soon: stay safe and warm wherever you are xx

Wednesday, 28 January 2015


A warm welcome to this wild corner of the Fens if you have just joined us recently - there seem to be more "Google" friends joining and some more followers on Bloglovin' as well. I do appreciate your comments and thoughts....I sometimes wonder how people find us and what draws them here - good to have you with us, anyway!  It is interesting how our numbers swell in numbers for a week or so and then the figures are static for weeks.....such is life.

Weird crafty words

Do you know what "frogged" means in relation to knitting or crochet?  I didn't!  

One I didn't have to frog, thank goodness!

It kept cropping up on a blog I read when a lady was talking about all her works-in-progress and she let us know that one or two items had been "frogged" and worked again.  Well, it all became clear eventually, but it seems to be one of those slightly dodgy words that has all sorts of meanings, depending on the company one keeps!!

Are there any other words you know that have a specific meaning in craft terms?

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Up again

The lady from my work who phoned me last week and had me crashing into the doldrums has phoned back again today and said that my work since then has been OK......oh, the joys!

Up and down here like a yo-yo.  I am feeling a bit better about it, and I suppose that I had been working myself up over the odd grouch that I had spoken to when making the calls, but like one of my colleagues reminded me at the end of last week, most of the people we ring are lovely!

The YFG's poor belly is still weeping, but I think that the abscess is shrinking and she has been taking the antibiotics really well, so I am hoping that recovery is in sight at last.  She has been sent some more work home from school, and has plenty to keep her occupied tomorrow.  It has been strange to have her at home all this time, and actually rather nice, but I wish it had been under other circumstances - and I am going to feel a bit lonely when she does get back to school, but I will soon get used to it again.  It will be good for us all to get back to normal.

(image from

The EFG has phoned with news of her next homecoming already - she has found cheapo tickets for the train to get home on the 4th April, which will be Easter weekend.  I shall be looking forward to that weekend - I have Good Friday and Easter Monday off as Bank Holidays anyway and I have booked a couple more days off on the Tuesday and Wednesday so I have my fingers crossed that we may be able to do something nice that weekend - I have no idea what just yet, but I have a while to be inspired! Let's hope for some good spring weather by then.

Nearly the end of the month.  I need to get my frugal attitude back into high gear and start making some serious savings around here!  I have coasted through January without having time to worry too much about saving, and we have managed.  I have had some big bills to pay though, and there are a few more on the cards.  The car's service in December had to be paid for this month, and that was over £300. I have also had to tax the car at £110 and insure it as well. I have paid the tax straight off but I put the insurance on to the credit card to get some points on it!  I found a good deal with Tesco, which should also be scoring me a £30 Gift card within 6 weeks of the policy coming into force.  In February, I shall need to get the cam belt replaced....that could be expensive too.  Ho hum!

Monday, 26 January 2015

Great day

The Rev Libby Lane is joined by female clergy after a service at York Minster, York.
(image from

Libby Lane became the Rt Rev Libby Lane, Bishop of Stockport, today in a ceremony at York Minster - and my friend from university, H-A, the Bishop from New Zealand - was there!  She's in this photo, far left, looking just as she did all those years ago.

It's quite an achievement for the Church of England to have got this far - and long may it continue!

In other news, the YFG has had a day resting, and taking her antibiotics.  I have had work to do, a visit from my tutor, and rearranged the garage this evening so that the man can get near the boiler in the morning to service it.  Fun.  Not.

I am about to break out my knitting and watch Silent Witness.  Feet up too.....