Friday, 27 February 2015

Thanks for the thoughts

You know you are all amazing, don't you!?!  Thanks for all the lovely comments, and thanks for the nosey I have just had around some new blogs that I have found since some of you came out of the woodwork and said "Hello" - great to meet you all!

Been a busy one today and I am just off to bed - back again tomorrow for a bit of a round up of the month.  Hope you have a lovely weekend xx

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Blog give-away

Hitting milestones is always cause for celebration!

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And I do like an excuse for a hitting 400,000 page views this week would seem like as good a reason as any!

So all of this week's commenters, including those today received until midnight tomorrow, will have their names popped in a hat and I will find you a little something from the Fens.  Not entirely sure what yet, and it may have to change if I end up posting it to the other side of the world!

Just one way of saying, "Thanks" for hanging around here, friends!

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Finishing posts

When you are down, I am always one for looking for the positives in life.....there are several finishing posts in sight now, and I am heading towards a couple of them at a good rate.

First of all, it is Wednesday night - that means that Friday is on the horizon already as we are already more than halfway through the week.  Phew!  Some weeks are harder to get through than others.

Second, I am now into the sixth month of my work on the phones.  That means that in less than a month, I could hand in my notice with no financial penalty.  I'm not going to give notice until I have another job, but just knowing that I am so close to the six month get-out opportunity gives me cause for a wee jig around the kitchen.

And third, and possibly the biggest - I have just this week finished the last unit of Faith and Worship for submission at the end of March.  Now I do still have to do three Bible studies/exegeses, but I am definitely on the last lap.  I've been at this for over four years - it has been both joyous and hard work, but infinitely rewarding and deeply challenging.  I'm nearly done...

And tomorrow is the day when I consider my finances and look to see whether we are any closer to the savings target for the year.  I'm honest with you, and at this moment in time - I don't think we will be very close to this month's target at all - BUT I have paid the cam belt bill on the car for £290 and I have put money aside for the car insurance bill, so actually, I'm not doing so bad.  Put it this way, I don't owe anyone anything, thank goodness.  There's some money coming in at the end of the month, so we may be able to make a late sprint some way towards the target, but it may end up more of a limp than a sprint!

Thanks for reading, folks, and don't forget the Aldi voucher tomorrow if it would be of use to you xx

Aldi and Sainsburys vouchers

Good news - several people have commented that the Aldi vouchers will be in the paper tomorrow, so I shall definitely be making an attempt to find a copy of the Mirror then. I need to stock up on some of the things which we prefer to get from Aldi, like their washing-up liquid, laundry liquid and shower gels.  We won't spend £40 on just those items, but there will be tinned tomatoes, probably a little meat and some fish, fruits and veggies and other items to bulk up the order to hit the target.

And then there was the Sainsbury's order last night.  It just gets better!  I used a £10-off-when-you-spend-£50 voucher again on the order, and replenished the fridge and cupboards with things that I had whittled down a little whilst the YFG was away last week.  The £1 delivery slot was at 9-10pm last night, but we actually got the order at 8.15pm - the driver had come from such a distance with so few deliveries that he was running well ahead of schedule and called to see if he could deliver early. After me, his next delivery was at 10pm, and well over 50 miles from me, heading north!  So I actually got a £2-worth delivery slot which meant we had it all scanned and packed away well before bed time!  And there was another £10 off voucher attached to the receipt, to be used by the 10th March, so I shall have to organise my shopping to accommodate that - can't miss out on that!

Last night, we had to go to school for a meeting about the YFG's exams - we are on a 10 week countdown, apparently.  Revision all the way. She is staying after school today, I think, to work on her Textiles coursework project.  Hard to think my "baby" will be 16 this summer and heading towards A levels and beyond - time really moves on when you're not looking!

The sun is shining now that the showers have passed over, so I am hoping for a brighter day today than we had yesterday.  Lots of work to do on the phones today, but at least I am working at the back of the house where the sun is brightest. Washing is already done and on the airers in the back bedroom so that will benefit from the sunshine too.....Have a good day xx

Monday, 23 February 2015

Less talking tomorrow

I'm not going to upset my friend in Suffolk by mentioning the unmentionable, but let's just say that I have done extra hours on the phone today because I have to go somewhere tomorrow first thing, and may come home with a numb mouth, which may take an hour or so to wear off!  Not looking forward to it.....

Thank you for all your supportive comments about my last post - the encouraging words really lift me up, and I appreciate it.  As you say, it is in God's hands.  Patience is a virtue, they also say........I'm not feeling terribly virtuous.

Not too much to report today since I spent a lot of time working - I have done half of tomorrow's work today, and will hope to manage the rest of it sometime tomorrow, in between gymnastics and a school meeting tomorrow evening about the YFG's exams.

This is the week that the Aldi voucher should be in the papers on Thursday - I haven't seen it confirmed anywhere yet so please keep your eyes peeled and let us know as soon as you spot it anywhere official.  I could do with stocking up on my Aldi essentials this month as I didn't go last month.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Say one for me tonight?

Just asking for your prayers for the next little while - I have heard that there is a chance our circuit will take on a lay employee to spread out the workload a little as one of the moving-on ministers will not be replaced in September.  So I am praying that a) the leadership team DO decide to go ahead and take that path and that b) I can have a good go at getting the position.

I have been on the phones for five months now, and I am very grateful for the money and indeed the job in a marketplace where so many are struggling to find work. But I have no passion for the work, and it is not really my thing at all.  The lay employee position would be something I would wake up every morning and be inspired to do - it wouldn't be an easy job in many ways, but it is so much more than a "job".  God's work can never be just a job.

A Pause in Lent in the Fens

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Joining in today with Ang over at Tracing Rainbows with the "A Pause in Lent" series.

The Gospel passage that I am preaching on today is Mark 1 where the Holy Spirit drives Jesus out into the wilderness: a time of trial and temptation.  It seems that God has sent plenty of people out into the wilderness throughout the Bible - Abraham, Moses, Elijah, the Israelites. They all go out not quite sure about something, and they come back as grounded people of God. God never sent them out there to laugh at them, to abandon them and to leave them there - they always come back, and He always cares for them whilst they are there.

And so I think we have to go into the wilderness at times too, but with the reassurance that God is looking out for us, caring for us, and that whilst we are in the "wilderness" [whatever constitutes our own wildernesses], our faith will be deepened and strengthened.  Perhaps we'll go more than once, too.  I don't think we should be afraid of these times, for God never leaves us, and after all, Jesus went through it, to lead the way for us.

Time to go and get "dressed" for church now - thinking of Ang's post this morning!