Sunday, 23 November 2014

A few words

Lie in.
               Three hours of helping the YFG with Maths!

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Wearing out

Some things are not designed to last for ever.  I wish they were!  This is my trusty pair of Hawkshead walking boots. They were the FH's years and years ago. We had a pair each, and I wore mine out, and then claimed his because he never wore them.  I think their time is up!

They are definitely dry-weather boots now.

And this heel has even picked up some gravel to fill the holes....

And then there's the wellies.  Strangely enough, these were the FH's too!  Many many moons ago.  I've been wearing them to do the chooks and the gardening for a year or four now.  They have had these cracks in them for a couple of winters now.

Those old ones went in the bin tonight!

I finally treated my feet to a new pair!  The best £12 I have spent in a LONG time!

Weird photo to finish that I took looking down at my feet and then flipped upside down so it looks right.

They are muddy now already.  But my feet were warm and dry in them, and they will make my winter so much more bearable, sloshing about in the mud!

And the walking boots?  Well, yes, I have some new ones, but they aren't quite as comfy, and as long as I stay out of the puddles, I think these ones will "do".   Just another week or two, please?!

Friday, 21 November 2014

A savings boost

Excellent news tonight - I have had a busy evening at gymnastics and come home quite worn out, so I sat down at the laptop to have a browse and see what had been going on this afternoon in the world.  

I have received my payslip from the new job by email, and they are paying me back some of the tax they took last month.  The tax man has sorted out my tax arrangements, and I shall be getting about £100 back - so where do you think that will be going?  

(image from

Quite right - straight into the savings pot, and that will be another £100 off the debt to the savings for the glasses!

That will mean that the money is three-quarters restored.  Result.

I do like positive emails like that, don't you?

Thank you for all the comments about the glasses, by the way.  I am very grateful for all the advice. I am going to try the suggestion of increasing the amount of time that I wear them by two hours a day, and see if that works.  I shall persevere!  

Thursday, 20 November 2014

All glazed over

Ladies [and gentlemen] who wear granny goggles/varifocals, please give me the benefit of your wisdom and experience!

(image from

Is it usual to have to actually move one's head as the eyes move from one side of the page in a book to the other? The edges of the page are not in focus unless I move my head....not too keen on that - I feel like a mechanical puppet moving my head like a loony.

The computer is another challenge - I can see the screen, but when I drop my eyes down to look at the keyboard, it's out of focus.

The lady in the optician said that a rule of thumb was to have my nose aiming for whatever I wanted to look at.  Would you agree?  It would seem that I have to stop moving my eyes and  move my head around a lot more!

And how long is it going to take to get used to them?  Give me some encouragement, because I am not enjoying this stage at all!

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Seeing more clearly

I finally got my hands on my new "granny goggles" [as one of you told me they could be called] strange they are to begin with!  It had taken two weeks from the day I paid for them to actually getting them, which I did think was a trifle slow, but the lady at the optician's said they had had trouble with glazing them.  I have them now though!

I'm not wearing them all the time, as they take a little bit of getting used to - I'm breaking myself in, a bit at a time.  It feels a little strange to have to be conscious of where I am looking to be sure that I am using the right part of the lens, but I think that once I get used to it, it will become second nature and I shan't have to give it a thought.

I've managed to put half the money back in the savings fund.  I hope to have the rest of it put back by the end of the month.  I know that the emergency fund is bound to be needed again before too long, so it's good to get it topped back up as soon as I can.

The EFG had a little bonus yesterday when one of her Premium Bonds came up in Ernie's draw - a cheque for £25 arrived for her so I have sent that northwards so that she can pay it into her account.  She was very pleased to hear that last evening - she has another cold, so it cheered her up.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014


I lit a candle in the window for the FH last night - it was alight from when it started to get dark at 4pm, and it was still just about burning at 9pm.

(image from

The YFG enjoyed a visit to Nottingham's Galleries of Justice museum yesterday with her school history cohort.  They had a good look around, and took part in a mock trial too. The day was a long one, with a 7.30am trip to school this morning, and then not getting home until just past 5pm.  

The day was kind, too, in that we had a lot of support from friends and family in real life here, with regards to the FH's birthday.  Lots of messages on Facebook, some emails, phone calls and texts have arrived.  I had a long chat on the phone with one of his sisters in the evening, and his cousin rang yesterday too.  We feel secure and loved.  We miss him, of course we do, but we are OK.

And you will be pleased to hear that since I was up at 5am, I put my feet up in the afternoon when I had done the ironing, and watched some of the very first episodes of Downton Abbey.  I didn't watch the first series properly, so it was interesting.  I do believe I may have dropped off for a minute or two as well.  I also managed to get the second sock cast on as well!

I did spend some money yesterday - we decided on a book for one of the YFG's friends for Christmas, from the Book People catalogue.  Not only did I go through Quidco to get 8% cashback, but there was a 15% off code till midnight so I saved a nice chunk of that wee spend.  

Monday, 17 November 2014

In the kitchen this week

It's an early start in the Fens today in order to get the YFG on her way for a school trip to the Courts of Justice at Nottingham!

This week in the kitchen is going to look like this:

Monday - cold meat left from yesterday's bacon joint, served with veg and mash
Tuesday - Sausage and mash
Wednesday - Veggie and bacon risotto
Thursday - Cottage pie or corned beef hash
Friday - The YFG will have her southern fried chicken strips from the freezer and I am likely to have made more leek and potato soup by then ;)
Saturday - the YFG is off to a birthday cinema trip and meal with some friends, so I will probably enjoy more soup!
Sunday - there is a piece of brisket beef lurking in the freezer, and it may be time for it to come out and have a few hours in the slow cooker - then it will be delicious.

Thanks for your comments about remembering the FH today - November is going to be a tough couple of weeks from here on in with his birthday today and what would have been our 18th wedding anniversary towards the end of next week.  Your support and encouragement is welcomed, as always.