Thursday, 29 August 2013

Newspaper coupons today

Apparently there are some good money saving coupons available in newspapers today.  The Mirror has one for £5 off when you spent £40 in Aldi, which is valid until Thursday 5th September.

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  The Sun has one for £10 off when you spend £60 in Morrisons, which is only valid from today until Sunday 1st September, so less of a window of opportunity.

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Even with the costs of the papers, you can still be quids in if you have the opportunity and desire to shop at the right supermarkets in the time frame.  We had to postpone our trip today but we plan to go next Thursday, when the Aldi one will just still be usable, so I will be grabbing a copy of the Mirror later.  Hope that helps someone.


Gill - That British Woman said...

good that the British supermarkets are catching on to the coupon thing. Glad they will be useful to you.

Gill in Canada

saving for travel said...

Thank you. My parents will be pleased to have the coupon for Aldi. They love it there.

Sft x