Sunday, 18 August 2013

Looking ahead

This week looks interesting!

  • YFG has another filling due tomorrow afternoon, then we need to go to my sister's house to check out the clothes she has which may fit the girls for their holiday - she has been a variety of sizes in her adult lifetime, and may have stuff from size 10 up to the EFG's size and beyond.  We are looking for some nice "smart" pieces for them to borrow for their trip.  
  • Tuesday the EFG is going geocaching with her friends locally, and then one of them may be coming back here for a night-before-her-birthday sleepover.
  • Wednesday is the EFG's birthday and she is going out to lunch with the FH and his mates to the carvery they went to last week.  She will keep them on the straight and narrow and hopefully they will be home before 7pm [they were very late last week!!].  UJ will be here for the day with them as well.  I know that there is a DVD in her gift heap so I am sure that there will be a cinema session here too.
  • Not sure about Thursday except that there will be an afternoon club at the chapel.
  • Friday will be the Craft Club and the EFG has an early appointment at the dietitian at the local cottage hospital.  She has been working hard at losing weight, and the cycling has definitely been helping so we are hoping the lady will be pleased with her progress.
  • We need to buy another small padlock for one of the suitcases......

So the menu for the week is going to be fairly simple......we all had a roasted chicken leg portion yesterday with lots of veggies, so today has been a very simple vegetarian spaghetti bake, which I made last week, but sneaked more veg into today.  Each time I have frozen the leftovers and now I have four portions tucked away for instant dinners on busy days.

Monday - salmon portions, cooked in parcels with lemon juice, runner beans and other veg, potatoes
Tuesday - EFG's choice with her friend here for supper.....there may be cake!
Wednesday - Bacon and vegetable risotto
Thursday - Tuna pasta bake
Friday - Toad in the Hole, with vegetables and gravy

And the expenses for the week?  I need to get the new TV sorted out from the lightning damage this week.  We have decided to put the tv from the sitting room upstairs in the bedroom, without a DVD player for now, and to choose a new-but-similar tv to have in the sitting room so that we have a working DVD player downstairs.  I think this is going to cost me in the region of £150.  On a financial basis, I also have to chase up one of the YFG's birthday gifts which was ordered on the 1st of the month and still hasn't arrived.  I have emailed once, and had only an automated reply [in French] so it is time to up the ante and start shouting a little louder, I think.  The parent company might be more helpful, and failing that, I will be getting in touch with the credit card company which I used to pay for the order.  

Off to bed now so that I have some energy for all this.  Hope you have had a good weekend, and enjoy a blessed and productive week ahead.

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