Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Happy chaps

I finally got around to buying the new tv with integral DVD player this afternoon, so the family are pleased with me for that.  I hummed and hawed about it for some time, not sure what to get, nor how big or how much to spend, but in the end, after careful consideration, I spent £199.99 at Argos, and got them one ever so slightly bigger than the one we had in the sitting room previously - I think there is about an inch in it!  Anyway, peace will be restored to those wanting to watch tv now.  And they can stop hassling me......

Hassles abound at the moment, I am afraid - I was hoping to be able to get some work done in school over the holidays but the person who was supposed to facilitate that for me [ie give me the information I needed to do the job] went on holiday without giving me it, and has now come back but we have only this week with access to school before the caretaker is on holiday next week and we can't get in, so I am not going to get the job done and the system will not be ready for the children to start to use in September - I am feeling quite frustrated about this, unfortunately.

The days are running out before the girls' holiday, and things are needing to get washed and ironed and packed in the cases - and they keep wearing things and then saying, "You can wash this before Friday, can't you!" so I have had to have strict words with them in a way and say NO!  If you want things washing, tomorrow is the last day, and just keep the stuff clean that you want to take away so just wear old stuff for now!  Because we are all going away to the coast as soon as they get back, we need to have all their school items ready as well before they go to Norway.  Anyway, I have taken them for the last shop today and we have got tights and oddments, and I have ordered them some Norwegian currency from the Post Office in the village which I need to pick up tomorrow.  Not a lot, mind you, just enough for an ice cream, perhaps, or a drink and a sandwich, and a postcard or a souvenir of some small variety when they visit the various stops on the way.

I think we are all feeling a little bit nervous this week as Saturday approaches.  The EFG seems fine about it all but the YFG is definitely a bit edgy, just as she was years ago when it was me going away for four nights! Apart from the FH being in hospital, we have never been apart like this for a week before, and it is slightly unnerving.  I am confident that my Dad will take good care of them and that they will be safe with him, but I am still unsettled by the fact of not seeing them for a whole week, and only being in touch probably by email.  I know I am being a bit daft, and I have to get used to the idea with the EFG looking at universities, for goodness' sake, but there is always a first time, and this is it!  By 9am on Saturday morning when I wave them off in Cambridge, I may be a nervous wreck.......

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