Building peace

One of my favourite ministers took a service around World Peace a while back, and he gave us all a sheet entitled "20 ways to build World Peace", so I want to share the ideas - I can't acknowledge any organisation for them as I have no idea where he got them from.

  1. Take your share of responsibility for the world
  2. Send letters and emails
  3. Welcome strangers
  4. Be a good friend
  5. Don't make others wrong
  6. Smile at people when you walk
  7. Live simply so all can simply live
  8. Don't fight, forgive!
  9. Learn new ways
  10. Stand up against bullying
  11. Help those in need
  12. Be peaceful inside yourself
  13. Be tolerant
  14. Join in
  15. Talk about Peace
  16. Share what you have
  17. Care for your environment
  18. Aim so everyone wins
  19. Be open minded
  20. Listen well.

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Emma said...

I love this, just imagine what the world would be like if everybody abided by these suggestions!

BTW, I'm intrigued, where abouts in the Fens are you? Cambridgeshire fens? I myself live in a little village about 10 miles from Ely called Isleham :) It's great to find a blog from someone who understands living in the sticks and the fun that entails and a fellow Sister in Christ too :D

Wow, long comment- Sorry! I couldn't find a contact you button on your blog to message you.

Anyway- I better be off but please check out my blog- Recapturing Femininity and feel free to email me at : if you ever want to randomly chat, lol.