Sunday, 1 September 2013

September challenge

Let's just have a brief report on the August Challenge before we launch into September's!  August's was all about clearing clutter and unwanted items out of the house.  I was able to share what an excellent week I had to begin with, and then I neglected to share any more.  Actually, clearing clutter is just not that interesting, I involved sorting through things, bagging them up and lugging them into the town to one or other of the charity shops.  I varied which shops I donated to, which did depend on where I could get a parking space some of the time, as I was unloading heaps of bags.  It was a very therapeutic month, and parts of the house feel much less cluttered and much tidier.  Others still have a way to go, but we will continue with the plan and see how far we can get by Christmas.  We may slow down a little from 100 items a week as I am going to have to bite the bullet now and start listing some of the things on eBay - I have avoided that this month and mostly donated them or just given them away to people.

And so for September.  I have decided that I will join in with the challenge in the Frugaldom Forum for September to get back to basics with money saving - I always look at September as a new beginning and it does seem that this will be a good time to recharge my batteries and refresh my inner frugaler!  I did think twice about participating in this, but I thought that the support of others on the board would encourage me.  We have just ordered oil for the central heating, and a dent of just over £500 has been put in the finances, as well as recovering from the holiday expenses and the birthday expenses which all came together in August.  September needs to get back on track in a big way!

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