Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Shopping bargains again

Yesterday we had a delivery from Approved Food, and it was unpacked from the boxes and on the shelves in the store cupboards before you could say, "Winter's coming!"  I do feel more prepared for winter when I know I have a good stock of sensible and usable food in the stores.  It also applies to chicken food, rabbit food and cat food - I don't forget the animals!

According to my receipt, the RRP of my parcel contents yesterday would have been £103.87 but I paid just £41.46, which included £5.25 for delivery.

Not a lot of what I bought was strictly necessary, I will be honest!  The 500g spaghetti packs at 50p each are very useful, and the large tubs of Smash at £1 each will come in very handy later on when we have eaten all the new potatoes, and I want to make shepherd's pie or fish pie.  The large Tomato ketchup squeezy bottles at £1 each were also a bargain.  

But the rest?  There were some carrot cake mixes, ginger cake mixes, chocolate malt balls for decorations, red cabbage in vinegar [6 large jars at 60p each], shortbread, ginger nuts, Crunchy Nut cereals, and assorted chocolate.  

I use the mixes to quickly and cheaply make cakes for the various events at the chapel each week - with a carrot cake mix costing just 25p and all I have to add are a couple of eggs and a little marg, I can't really do it that cheaply from scratch.  

The FH loves the red cabbage.  We have grown it in the past but not here successfully, and the last place he bought it was from a lady in the village charging over a £1 a jar, so he was thrilled to see me unpacking these six jars for him.  

And the chocolate?  Well, in the middle of the winter, when there is ice on the roads and maybe snow on the ground, do you think that the girls are going to be begging me for cheese, bread, or soup?  No, the treats are also a very necessary part of preparing for whatever the weather will throw at us this year!  


Angela said...

I made one of the boxes of carrot cake up into butterfly cakes and then used the icing to attach the 'wings' - very successful!
Also pleased with the mayo&pepper, which has gone down well with lots of things this summer

I resisted the chocolate [apart from gift bag of Pretzels they sent!]

blessings xx

silversewer said...

I also bought the carrot cake mix, its delicious, I made mine in a 2lb loaf tin, worked really well.

simplesuffolksmallholder said...

I keep hearing about AF but when I've looked there never seems to be anything I want. Maybe I need to look more often. Well done on finding good bargains. LOVE carrot cake!

Morgan said...

SSS - I find AF rather like the charity shops in that you can't go looking for precisely what you need, but you have to look at what they have and decide whether you can make use of it :)