Friday, 23 August 2013

The 16p scarf

I bought some IKEA fleeces the other year to line curtains for winter warmth.  Me being me, I ordered a couple more than I needed...well, they were £1.60 each, so it wasn't a fortune.  This seems to be the current version, but they were pale blue the year I bought them.  I think I may have bought six or seven, and used several for the curtains, then I used two more to tie together in a special way to make a thicker blanket for a child last Christmas, and I have a few left, as I said.

Today I took one to the chapel - we are still gathering our bits together for the Operation Christmas Child boxes, and we have started to knit scarves now for the 25 children who will receive our boxes.  One of the ladies and I cut my £1.60 blanket into strips, cut tassles in the ends, and made 10 scarves!  Just 16p a scarf - definitely money well spent.  They fold up nice and small to fit into the shoeboxes, blue is a useful colour for girls as well as boys and we made ten in less than an hour - what could be better?!

Please excuse the shadows on the scarves - the light wasn't the best in the sitting room tonight!


Judy Y said...

What a lovely idea!

Sue said...

A brilliant idea, and price. They will make lots of little children lovely and cosy this Winter.

What a brainwave!!