Monday, 19 August 2013

Glam on the cheap

We have had a fabulous afternoon at my sister's house, trying on posh frocks!  The girls are very different sizes in that the YFG is a 10/12 whereas the EFG is closer to an 18, but amazingly enough, my sister has clothes to fit them both, courtesy of her own yo-yoing weightloss journey.  She raided her wardrobe, and brought clothes down from the loft, so they both had a good selection to choose from, all laid out on her spare bed.  There were High Street designers like Laura Ashley, and others I had never heard of, and many items still as new with the tags on them.  

The EFG has brought home three lovely dresses which she plans to wear on the cruise, two evening styles and one day time outfit; the YFG had slightly more to choose from but found less of it her to her taste, which is understandable when you consider that she is 14 and my sister is nearly 40!  But many classic styles did look gorgeous on her and she particularly liked a silk dress that was over £100 new - my sister wore it in Goa years ago and had a copy made there too, which we have also borrowed.  I have told them to eat "clean" food when they are at the dinner table - no tomato sauces down these frocks, please!

I am conscious that I shall be relying on the girls to take photos whilst they are away, so I am very tempted to take some photos of them in the dresses before they go - there is a beautiful one that the EFG has borrowed in a teal/blue colour which suits her particularly well and she never wears dresses usually so I want photographic evidence of how good she can look in a frock!

We are very grateful to my sister for her generosity in offering to lend the girls these outfits, it goes without saying.

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Wannabe Sybil said...

They sound lovely! It is wonderful to find something glamorous. I hope your girls have a good time. WS xxx