Monday, 5 August 2013

Keeping the bellies filled this week

I do find it helps me to post the week's menu on here, not least because I can then find out what I had planned, and don't have to rely on looking for a scrappy piece of paper on one of the desks where I might have sat and planned it all!

Today they have had frittata and savoury rice.  The girls were pleased enough to eat the frittata but not so chuffed when they cleared their plates and I revealed that I had peeled and grated a whole courgette into it, along with the onion, peas and tomatoes, eggs and cheese.  It is one of those incredibly forgiving and frugal meals in that it will take all those veg that are left over, or one has as glut of, and need using up, and turns them into something quite appetising.

Tomorrow, I am hoping to go to Oxburgh Hall if the weather is OK, and so I will be looking for a quick and easy meal when we get home.  They can have a FBentos pie, which will cook in abut 30 minutes in the mini-oven, which will be just the right length of time to cook some veg to go alongside, especially if I prep the veg in the morning before we go.  I have picked more beans from the garden today, and the Head Coach has brought us more new potatoes - yum!

On Wednesday, I will just be cooking for us girls, so we are going to try Frugal Queen's sweet and sour veg and rice, which I never got around to making the other week.  The FH is out for lunch with his mates to a carvery, so he won't need any tea!

On Thursday, I fancy some sausages, with new potatoes and veg from the garden.  Easy peasy.

On Friday, I am going to cook some plaice that I bought in Morrison's last week in the reduced area, and I think it will be delicious steamed in a parcel with some lemon juice, served with new potatoes and veg again.  I absolutely love plaice, but it is usually quite expensive so I don't buy it, and we haven't had it for a year or two - I am looking forward to this treat!

Saturday - I am going to try a vegetable cheesy bake that I saw in a magazine this week.  Just hope I can remember where I saw it.... looked good, filling and cheap!

And on Sunday, the FH is going to be over the moon with a little piece of roast beef!  I found a tiny joint in Morrison's and it was yellow-stickered so I couldn't leave it there - it will be lovely on Sunday with a Yorkshire pudding and some veg/spuds.  

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