Saturday, 1 August 2009

Good news

It's the 1st August, so it is officially "birthday month" here - both the girls have their birthdays this month. EFG turns 13, so she's going to be a teenager, and the YFG will be 10 which means she's into double figures. Can't believe that - already! They had it worked out the other day that the YFG would be at secondary school before I turned 40, whereas our neighbour was nearly 40 before she had her son so they think that me being 40 after the YFG gets to secondary is a major achievement. Just the differences in circumstances.

Another piece of good news - my friend's husband who was made redundant has secured a new job and starts work on Monday. A slight drop in salary but hey, a job! They are very relieved, and I am so pleased for them both.

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