Thursday, 20 August 2009

Catching up with friends

A surprise sunflower in the garden

There are four sunflowers which are growing in a veg bed in the garden - needless to say, we didn't plant them there, but their lovely bright faces add a cheery note to the garden scenery!

Today, we have had a lovely time - we went to visit my dad and MB, where dad went and bought everyone fish and chips; today was Pensioners' Day at the chip shop so portions were only £2.45! MB kindly cooked me some delicious salmon - it was wild Alaskan salmon portion with a slightly smoky flavour from Waitrose. I shall have to look to see whether Tesco or Sainsbury has anything similar as it was much nicer than the salmon I usually buy. I had that with some salad.

After that, we left the FH to enjoy a rest and watch TV with dad whilst we went to see my friend B. The girls came too, and played with her sons on their wii - we don't have one so they like to play on them when they get a chance. It was wonderful to see them all again, and she made me some delicious flapjack as well (thanks, B!) and we caught up on all our news over a cuppa whilst the children played.

Had to be home soon after 5 to turn the eggs in the incubators, so we had to make a quick trip into the Co-op to pick up a lemon, and then we were home. Now I have the EFG's birthday cake in the oven and washing up to do. All her presents have arrived (I bought most of them via the internet so they have been delivered), and are wrapped and I think that the girls are spending the night in the motorhome again - they slept well out there last night!

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