Sunday, 23 August 2009

Quick picture roundup

My lovely Silver Wyandotte bantam cockerel has really found his voice now and has to be kept shut in until about 8.30am so he doesn't disturb the neighbours.

One of the younger Buff Orpingtons posing by perching on the feeding trough in the new pen - a nursery pen for them until they are big enough for the laying flock's run. Two pens were amalgamated into one here so there was some pecking order sorting out to be done this morning.

This is one of the gorgeous Light Sussex which hatched on 1st July. They are all well and healthy and I am rather proud of them as our first incubated hatchlings!

My bargain of the week! We went to a car boot sale after church this morning and I noticed a heap of rather drab looking cloth and realised that there was an absolutely gorgeous quilt hiding there. All piled up, it looked nothing, but washed and out on the line, you can see how lovely they are - yes, there were two so perfect for the FGs to have one each. And they were only £5 each - they are easily worth many times that!

A closer shot to show the detail.

The spiced Apple butter from yesterday - one jar has been given away and the rest safely in storage.

This is the incubator we have borrowed. We turned it on last night and it easily got to temperature by this afternoon so we have loaded it up with a dozen eggs and are praying hard that it works. It is automatically turning the eggs as they are on dowels which are connected somehow to a motor which rolls them this way and that.

They say that what goes around, comes around.......I took a small jar of the apple butter up to the older gentleman who gave me the apples, to share with him and his wife what I had made from his apples, and he gave me two cabbages! When I walked home with them, I re-gifted one of them to my neighbour who loves cabbage and who has been sharing his cherry tomatoes with us...I had already been given a cabbage on Friday evening so didn't need two more, so I was pleased to know someone who would appreciate one. Truly a community garden around here!


Bovey Belle said...

Hi. I followed a link from GTM's blog (A life full of blessings) and am glad I did. It sounds like we all have a lot in common. I hope that your eggs hatch into chicks successfully. I can be found at

cluny_view said...

Oooooh much quilt envy.....what a bargain!