Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Garden photos

These girls are about 9 weeks old. They are the from the clutch of eggs which should have been Orpingtons but weren't all - you can see we have one Orpington at the front of the picture and then there are two others in here - mystery visitors again. We have removed two cockerels from this pen for the auction trip today.

Apples growing on my dwarf apple trees - Braeburn and Jonagold trees have a couple on a piece. The plum and pear trees have declined to produce anything this year so we are just keeping our fingers crossed that next year they will fire up production!

Pepper plants in the greenhouse. These are the younger set which the FH bought somewhere. They need potting up this week and then perhaps they'll get into production mode!

The runner beans are going mad!

This cucumber plant is a star purchase - the cucumbers are not huge but they taste gorgeous!

The older pepper plants have peppers nearly ready for us to pick - looking forward to these.

The hybrid girls are still settling in to their new home and yard. I rotavated the yard for them so that they would have lots of scratching to do to help them settle - there are worms aplenty in there!

The other pen of "Orpington-should-have-beens" - again, there is one, and the others are Heinz 57s - hopefully we'll be able to work out what they are as they grow up.

These are the beautiful Silver laced Wyandotte bantams which were our first hatch of the year. They are now happily Mr and Mrs and we hope that they will have a long and happy life together with us. I am hoping that Mrs will go broody next spring and present us with some more little ones!

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