Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Seeds for next season already

Yes, it's the annual Wyevale Garden Centre's 50p a packet seed sale. I learned about it last year, and really stocked up, so I was looking for it this year. It started last week, so I was worried that there wouldn't be a big selection left today, so I called ahead to the Centre at Crowland near Peterborough which is our nearest. The phone operator said it was OK and they had some left - well, I needn't have concerned myself as most of the hanging hooks were still fully stocked. I was really surprised as I thought that more people were into growing their own veggies and that it would be a popular shop this week - maybe people don't know?!?

We bought cress, courgettes, lettuce, parsley, peppers, several kinds of tomatoes, cucumbers, kale, broad beans, dwarf French beans and runner beans, multiple packets of some of these too! All told, there were 33 packets which cost me £16.50 but they had a RRP of £67.98 so we saved just over £50 - what a result! Shame of it was that if we had gone yesterday, the FH would have got his OAP's 10% off and saved me another £1.65 but I suppose that would be being greedy, really :-)

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Bovey Belle said...

I had a little spend there last week too. Just a few packets - mainly flowers actually - as we are hping to move next year and there's a limit to what I can take in wee seed trays . . . The saving I made was quite impressive : )