Monday, 3 August 2009


I am useless at these financial challenges - just when I say I am not going to spend money, I start a spending spree. To be fair, it isn't all the grocery budget that got blown today. I did go to Tesco but that can come later.

First of all, I have bought some more eggs, this time Cuckoo Maran eggs - half a dozen of them for £7.00. That means that the incubator will be full again when they are all collected in and ready to go, hopefully on Thursday or Friday once I co-ordinate getting them all here. I have to get some from Littleport and some from near Wisbech.

I have also agreed to buy half a dozen 13 week old Light Sussex hens for £40 which I have to collect from near Wisbech too.

And there's more - I have tonight fetched 6 hybrid layers from a free-range retirement home just the other side of the Lincolnshire border at Throckenholt - they are about 8-10 months old, and look in good form - they cost me £36.

I think I must have flipped my lid completely.

Then there was the £44 trip to Tesco for things for people's birthday parties and a packet of donuts that YFG just HAD to have - they were pink and that had a lot to do with it, methinks!


Toria said...

So, you're opening a commercial egg selling business??? I'm seriously giggling at the thought of you being overrun by poultry :-).

Morgan said...

You're giggling? I've gotta laugh!

No, seriously for a minute, the Light Sussex are on the Rare Breeds list, so I'm hoping to build up a couple of breeding trios here, if I can get away with having cockerels!

The Cuckoo Maran are a good table and egg producing bird so they are dual purpose.

The hybrids are just me doing my bit for rehoming birds who would otherwise just be going to the cat/dog food factory. They are a bit scrawny and deserve a happy life before coming to that kind of end - 8-10 months old is no age to die.

The other kind of eggs are Gold-laced Orpingtons - again, the Orpingtons in general are on that Rare Breed list, so I am becoming a little bit of a conservationist. My moneymaking streak is coming through as well, though, as those eggs go for a good price to people wanting to breed the chickens as opposed to just eating the eggs!

I do sell some eggs at the moment - I have some neighbourhood ladies who come around for a dozen eggs each week, and they think my eggs are great so I am pleased!

Good to see you again, Toria!