Saturday, 1 August 2009

August budgeting

For this month only, I am going to record every penny spent on this blog. With several huge bills paid already or due to be paid now, we are really counting the pennies this month! We have just paid the TV license, the motorhome insurance and six months' tax, the RAC membership, new lights on the Volvo to get it through the MOT (and then it didn't and there's a bigger bill for shock absorbers but we haven't had that bill yet!) and the chicken feed bill. There's not a lot left........but on the good side, the cupboards are full, the freezer is bulging and the toiletries drawer upstairs is well stocked. I have just had a top up delivery from Asda (shown above) and so the first spend of the month is recorded at £68.69. The photo doesn't include some bread, chicken thighs, ice cream, meatballs and fish which I had stashed in the freezer before I took the photo. I had a voucher for free delivery, by the way.

It's not a huge saving, but I decided not to go out to buy a newspaper today - we have usually got one on Saturdays so that we have the TV listings for the week. We can use the channel guide on Freeview to see what is on when we have time to sit down. That's at least 40p saved...

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