Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Courgette cake recipes

These are the courgette cupcakes (above)

This is particularly for silversewer but for anyone who has a glut of courgettes!

I will just link to the chocolate recipe as it came straight from someone's recipe site/blog. The cake works fine, and I just smear a little chocolate spread over each piece to serve it although the picture has cream whipped onto the cake. The girls and FH like it, so we are keeping the recipe in use here!

I did modify it a little - I only used half a cup of oil instead of the full cup; we had a very oily courgette loaf cake recipe years ago and I didn't want to risk repeating that. I think a full cup might be a bit much - but each to their own: it's going down well here with just the half cup. Let me know what you think.

The courgette cupcake recipe - I don't think I can put that on here properly as it came out of a recipe book. However, I can tell you to beat 2 eggs with 4oz caster sugar, till light and fluffy. Then beat in 8oz grated courgette (peel it first so there are no green bits at all in the cakes) and 5oz plain flour, with 2tsp baking powder and a teaspoon vanilla essence (the good stuff if you can). We made it up as cupcakes in little bun cases and they took about 10-15 minutes to cook but watch them as the high sugar content seems to make them brown quite quickly. They are sweet! We cooked them at our normal 180C. When they were cool, I beat up some vanilla-flavoured buttercream and piped it over the top in swirls. They were very good! TOO more-ish for the good of the hips, if you see what I mean - well, you would if you had seen my hips!!

Those little cupcakes hide the courgette most admirably - the Head Coach at gym didn't believe me when I told him he had had veggies in his cake at morning tea last week!!

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