Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Run, rabbit, run!

Bubblegum stayed in the hutch nearby for some peace and the babies came out on the grass, and my, did they leap and run!?!

These are the gorgeous babies which were born on 1st July 09 to Bubblegum and the late Socks. There were 8 at birth but 2 didn't make it. The remaining 6 are all hale and hearty now and enjoying life!

This is Sylvie, or Sylvester! We're not sure yet, but it is probably our favourite from the litter as it has the most attractive grey coat and is a very contented little rabbit when you have a cuddle with it!

There are the twins, Chimp and Chomp, an almost black-coloured one, a brownish one, and one black/brown one as well as Sylvie - and that makes 6. We haven't sexed them yet, so we don't know whether we will be keeping any of them. We want to keep them all!!!

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