Friday, 31 July 2009

Chick photos

These are the chicks which hatched from the eggs in the incubator on 1st July. There are four Light Sussex and a mystery guest, who is most welcome but we are not sure what it is yet!

The Light Sussex markings are not impressive at the moment - one has far too much black, one has very little and the other two are passable - but we'll have to wait and see what they look like when they get older. They are lovely little birds at the moment, and quite happy in this little pen. We have started to turn the light off during the day.

Here they all are having a drink together.

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Greentwinsmummy said...

Hhaha this made me laugh as I had a gaggle of LS chicks with 2 odd ones,the weeny one is a bantam brahma I can say that for sure now lol male or female no idea yet,the other one was a brown one & that I have noooooo idea what it is,I am wondering if its a bantam welsummer,its got a sweet crow!& I think...after thinking all the others were cocks,that only one of the LS is actually a cockeral!so far its quiet lol! big tho....big...
GTM x xx