Monday, 17 August 2009

Sunday special

Yesterday just felt like a good day - we got up and were at church for the 9.30am start on time and it was a good service. We didn't get a minister this week or even a lay preacher - we got "Worship Team A". The week before we had been wondering as a congregation what this team would be like but we were very pleasantly surprised. It consisted of a minister's wife from a local town, with two helpers - and they worked well together. The talk was about the parable of the mustard seed and how from something so tiny, something as majestic as a mustard tree (apparently can reach over 15ft tall!) can grow - and we all have that potential within us - it was a very inspiring and motivating talk. The FGs were asked to do a reading each, and tackled them well with no practise!

After returning home and mooching around the garden for a while, we decided that we would take a ride out to Hunstanton in the afternoon, once the eggs in the incubator had been turned. We left here at about 2.45pm and went off in the general direction of Hunstanton, and got there to find that the front was absolutely heaving and there was nowhere to park the motorhome - I couldn't get it into a couple of the carparks because they have height restrictions. The FH thought that we might get on better at Wells-next-the-Sea, about 15 miles further along the coast. That was quite possibly the most challenging 15 mile stretch which I have ever had to take the motorhome through - the roads were quite narrow and twisting and then I had to turn it around completely as we weren't going to get over a very narrow bridge and had to take a detour.....all good fun! Wells was as bad as Hunstanton, so we gave up and headed back along the coast in the hope that the crowds would have dissipated a little and we might fnid a space somewhere - by the time we got back there, it was nearly 6pm and although there were still a lot of people around, there was a little more space to park and breathe! The YFG and I queued up at the fish and chip shop for the provisions and then we ate sitting and looking at the sea.

Hunstanton is the only east coast seaside resort where the sun actually sets over the sea - in all the others up and down the country, the sun rises over the sea. Weird fact - it is just because Hunstanton's "sea" is The Wash and looking out to sea, you can just make out the Lincolnshire coastline across the water.

We collapsed and watched some TV when we got home last night!

Today has been another day when we seem to have done a lot: we were up at the crack of dawn ("sparrow's fart" as Katie Fforde so eloquently puts it) to get the EFG to the surgery for a blood test, and then we had to go to the newsagent who keeps me a copy of "Grow Your Own" each month. Some new recipes for pickles and jams are in a handy booklet on the front this month, so I shall have to see if any appeal.

My friend B brought her children round for the morning after that, and she did my hair with some highlights (first time ever!) whilst they played and then she cut their hair too - all ready for school! I made her a cake this afternoon as my part of the bargain and she was very happy.

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