Thursday, 6 August 2009

Update on the spending

The biggest spend of the day was the £40 on the Light Sussex hens. They are safely tucked away in their new house tonight, ready to be let out in the morning. Hopefully they will be happy here. It is always interesting to meet other chicken breeders and talk with them; this chap has a pen of Silver Laced Wyandotte bantams, just like my pair and it was really lovely to see so many of them together!

We put £20 of petrol in the motorhome for today's excursion - I stopped at a petrol station which I have never used before and it was amazing: the chap came out and served us - we just said, "Twenty pounds worth of unleaded, please" and he did it all so that the YFG just handed him a £20 note through the window and we were off again. You don't find service like that any more!

There was a little supermarket spend as most Tesco shops in this area do not stock the Free From sausages any longer - but the one at Wisbech does, so I bought 6 packs at £1.99 each. That will keep me going for about three weeks - I like sausages.....

We also went to a discount shop (Else's at Leverington) where the FH stocked up on wood glue, a container for rabbit food and other bits (including a couple of packets of sweets, shhh!) and we were soon relieved of £18.

We also picked up the Cuckoo Maran eggs but I had already paid for those via Paypal, thank goodness. The lady was lovely and showed me around her chicken pens - I learned a lot in a few minutes there and she was really kind. Fingers crossed for a good hatch.

I was watching some auctions for Orpington eggs tonight and was totally shocked to see a clutch of 6 eggs sell for £124.00. Apparently, chocolate Orpingtons are very rare and I should think so too, as I shouldn't think too many people can afford the eggs at that price. Never mind thinking twice about bidding, I wouldn't dare as it is such a gamble anyway. I can't afford to gamble at those kinds of stakes - I don't mind taking a punt at the £6 set of eggs I have got this week but that is a whole other ball game. Anyway, the incubator is turned on and should be at the right temperature by tomorrow evening so I am hoping to set them then.

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