Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Chicken health and hatching

I have been thinking about worming the chickens for a long time now, but we have never wormed them before, and my grandmother didn't believe in using pills and potions on anything, so I have no experience of it. I have looked at adverts in the various magazines like "Grow Your Own" and heard of a raft of worming and tonic-like potions for the chickens. Then I browsed a forum and found a post from a Yorkshireman who sounds entirely down-to-earth and old fashioned (Granny would have approved of him, I feel!) and he says to forget all those special commercial preparations, and just put cider vinegar in their drinking water every day and it will do wonders for their health, worms and all. So I liked the sound of that - vinegar has amazing properties and I am very willing to give it a go, so I picked up three bottles of it today; one to go in the cupboard, one for the utility room where I fill the watering can for the arks on the lawn and one to be put down by the tap near the workshop where I fill the bell-waterer for the layers. They have all had their first dose this afternoon, and they obviously don't mind a weak solution of vinegar or object to the taste as they all continued to drink. Perhaps they don't taste!?!

As for the hatching, today is Day 18 for the first lot of eggs, the Cuckoo Maran and the Gold Laced Orpingtons so the eggs are not turned after today. Another egg cup of water is introduced to the incubator to increase the humidity slightly, and we just have to keep our fingers crossed now.

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