Thursday, 27 August 2009

Quiet day at last

The kids played, I pootled around, chatted with a couple of neighbours, popped out to the local surgery, cooked, and now I am off to watch "Australia" on DVD with the FH whilst the kids and their two friends who are here for a sleepover are watching something a little scary downstairs.

I watched "Economy Gastronomy" last night for the first time. The meal plan for the week was based around a whole salmon, in an attempt to reduce the family's weekly spend from £410 to £260. Granted that there are Mum, Dad and five kids, but that still seems like a lot of money. Anyway, some of the recipes looked good, and it inspired my neighbour D to come and borrow a large flat dish in which to make the treacle tart from last night's show.

Today's food here has been a little in that vein: last night's slow cooked chicken was delicious and yielded so much meat that the chicken pie was made for tonight's supper and there is still enough left for a chicken risotto tomorrow! The leftover veggies from last night were resurrected with the help of an onion, some garlic and some eggs and a very respectable frittata-like creation emerged for lunch today.


Bovey Belle said...

I couldn't understand quite WHAT they were buying to run up SUCH a huge grocery bill. Mind you, chucking half of it away didn't help their purse. Crazy! I can resist the treacle tart, but the poached salmon looked good. It certainly didn't take them long to get back up from £72 for that shop back to £250 plus.

I do a variation on chicken pie made with cheesy scone topping and it is GORGEOUS. Do you have a special risotto recipe?

Morgan said...

Our risotto recipe changes each time we make it, depending on what is left in the fridge and needs using up! The only constants are onion and arborio rice - it is a very good fridge clearance dish, never tastes the same twice and I love it!

Quite agree with you - and wondering what they bought with the rest of the money since they said that they had bought everything (bar the salmon) on the list when they were in the supermarket... methinks they went back for more junk!