Saturday, 15 August 2009

All jammed up!

Jam, jam and yes, more jam! Some marmalade too, and some pickle.

I have had to re-arrange the utility room to accommodate all this gorgeous jam, but the storage has worked out well and I now have this rack of jam. Plum at the bottom, in regular jars, then a motley assortment of jars holding the gooseberry jam I made last night, and at the top, four jars of pickle, three of marmalade and a donated jar of strawberry. This lot should be enough to overwinter us on toast and jam, jam tarts, bakewell-type tarts, coconut tarts, jam roly-poly, mmmmm - and all the other things we can make with jam!

I have spent most of today washing, sorting out the utility room and checking through the pantry and finding lots of duplicates which won't need to be on the shopping list for months - five (yes, FIVE!!) jars of peanut butter and another five jars of lemon curd and four jars of bought raspberry jam! And the three drums of Bird's custard powder - and the three boxes of icing sugar - you could outlive a siege here, I think.

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