Friday, 14 August 2009

Birthday girl

Yesterday was the YFG's tenth birthday - and she made the most of it: she was up and opening presents by 7am, bathed and dressed and out rollerblading round the estate by 8am! Then she had to stop for a bacon roll, and catch her breath.

I made her a madeira cake the night before and then yesterday morning, I put a layer of white roll-out icing over it as a base, and she went to town decorating it. She really enjoyed doing it and wanted me out of her way!

At 12, we picked her friend H up and went to Peterborough to Planet Ice for the ice-skating treat. H was rather timid on the ice to start with, edging her way round, holding on, but she soon gathered her courage and went out into the middle. YFG just flew around, and really surprised me. They had a wonderful time and we stayed right up until the last minute when the rink closed at 4pm - they were almost the only children on the ice at the end and the YFG thought that was amazing - to have the rink almost to themselves was bliss. YFG thought that we should go more often - she has only been three times in her life, so that wouldn't be difficult!

We came home and they played whilst I put the pizza in the oven and then we ate. The birthday cake was pudding, and then they went on the trampoline, rollerbladed outside and eventually collapsed to watch a DVD sometime later. H stayed the night, and then they played a lot more today. This afternoon I took them both to the swimming pool for an hour (free for U16s) whilst I raided Sainsbury's for dishwasher cleaner and more sugar for MORE jam!!

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Greentwinsmummy said...

WHEEHOOOO! what a great day! Happy Birthday big small! Happy Birthday :o)

I used to live ice skating,I can rememer skating round to Billy Ocean lol! lol! singing Carribean Queen at the top of my lungs feeling really! exhilarated.
heheheh thats made me giggle for the morning!
GTM x x