Friday, 28 August 2009

Fingers and toes crossed today!

We have 6 Gold Laced Orpington eggs and 6 Cuckoo Maran eggs all due to hatch today, so I have been peeking through the window of the incubator at regular intervals but alas, there is nothing, not even a crack, to report yet.

Last night's sleepover went OK, although the YFG woke me at 3.15am to say that she was hungry, so I think I told her to get a biscuit or something, and then she went away! When I came downstairs this morning, they were all still asleep - and it was nearly 9am by the time I had showered and surfaced properly as I felt the need to stay awake on patrol until 1am as they were being a bit silly last night!

FH and I watched "Australia" on the EFG's laptop in bed, and it was a good film, but it was longer than we thought. Each time something happened to make us think that a good conclusion had been reached, another drama eclipsed that one and it went on. It lasts a good two and a half hours, I think, and we had to have the subtitles on as the FH couldn't hear it very well (you can't make the laptop as loud as he likes the TV!) but I would definitely watch it again.

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