Sunday, 30 August 2009

Sadness here tonight

We have opened the other eggs, with a certain amount of trepidation, wondering what we would find - two were infertile, but the other 9 were dead in the shell, so we are disappointed for the loss of the other 9 potential hatchlings.

A quick foray on the internet seems to suggest that the fault may be something to do with humidity, but that is beyond my control in so basic an incubator - all I can do is put in a small pot of water as instructed and leave them to it. I have successfully hatched the 5 Light Sussex which are growing well in the garden now, so I am not sure what went wrong this time.

We are also a little worried about the chick as it will be an "only" chick and we have never had one of these before!

Now that I have two empty incubators, I am going to move the eggs from the automatic one into those two as the auto one is not holding the temperature steady, and it is the expensive eggs in there as well!

Chicks aside, there was a Christening at church this morning so the church was unusually full! It was a nice service, even if it was apparent that 99% of the Christening visitors rarely stepped inside a church. The baby didn't enjoy the process much, but he soon calmed down afterwards, and his elder sister watched the proceedings with a certain look on her face as if to say, "Rather you than me!"

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Bovey Belle said...

Sorry to hear about the flawed hatching. I hope the "expensive" eggs have a happier outcome. I am sure the Only Child will soon have some company and it can Be Boss!