Saturday, 29 August 2009

A day of waiting......and waiting!

The chick is still alone as none of his "siblings-to-be" have hatched out yet.

And a disaster has struck: the lamp we use to keep the chicks warm has broken, so we had a little problem there. This chick really needed to be taken out of the incubator tonight and given food and water, but without the lamp, we were stumped - until I thought of using the spare incubator! He is now in there, with the temperature a little lower and with some food and water. It will have to do temporarily overnight until we can obtain another lamp tomorrow. He seems to be a healthy and sturdy little chap (I am presuming male for the sake of not calling the chick an "it") and I hope he goes on well.

The YFG has been out for the day with her friend M from gymnastics whose birthday it is today. They and three more little girls have been to the "snozone" at Milton Keynes to do some ice-sliding: apparently, they sat on big rubber rings and went down a sort of bobsleigh run/channel. Sounds hairy to me, but her face was a happy one when she popped in on her way back to M's house. I had had a text to ask if she could go for a sleepover with M tonight, so I agreed and they called in on their way home to pick up her PJs and toothbrush! I'll retrieve her at some point tomorrow morning.

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