Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Stock round up

Tomorrow the FH and girls are taking some of our excess rabbits and young cockerels to an auction in Suffolk. They are sad to see the rabbits go but we just have too many to keep all of them!

Altogether 10 rabbits and 3 cockerels will be moving out.

Today the FH and I have been busy revamping a chicken run for the new girls and the Buffs which are ready to move out of their nursery accommodation and into a proper house and run. We put them all in there together this afternoon at tea time, and they had a little bit of a pecking order discussion amongst themselves over afternoon scratchings! The Buffs are huge compared to the hybrid girls, but the girls have more sense - they put themselves to bed, but I had to pick the Buffs up one at a time and put them in the henhouse...

Must catch some photos of them tomorrow if the weather is half decent!

Spending report - have spent £2.70 on a magazine for my "put my feet up" time tomorrow whilst everyone is out, and gave the YFG £1 for some sweets as the EFG had a friend here who offered them both some sweets and then didn't give the YFG any, rubbing salt into the wound by giving one to a cat, which turned its nose up at it, sensible creature that it is.

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